Google finally announces Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 'KitKat' [Update]

Today, Google finally announced the next major version of its Android operating system, along with the newest addition to its Nexus smartphone lineup. The new Android version is 4.4, otherwise known by its code name "KitKat", while the phone is the long awaited Nexus 5, which is now on sale in the Google Play online store.

First, let's talk about KitKat. The official Android website has the rather extensive list of details of the features in Android 4.4, including the new Hangouts app, which now integrates SMS and MMS messages. The new version of the Phone app changes the contact list based on which numbers are called the most. A new 'Immersive' mode hides everything else when users read an ebook, watch a video or play a game on a Android 4.4 device. There's also a new 'printing framework' which enables apps to print over Wi-Fi or cloud-based services like Google's Cloud Print.

Beyond the new features, Google also claims that KitKat has been designed to be less memory-intensive and as a result should be able to be used "comfortably” on a device that has just 512 MB of RAM. Google says older Android products like the Nexus 4, 7, 10, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play edition will be able to update to Android 4.4 in the coming weeks. However, as The Verge noted, the company revealed that its own Galaxy Nexus, will not be eligible for update. 

Then there's the new Nexus 5, which comes in 16GB and 32GB versions for $349 and $399, respectively. As previous rumors indicated, the device has a 4.95 inch display, a Qualcomm 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and an eight megapixel rear camera. The phone will work with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks in the U.S. and of course will come with KitKat out of the box. 

In the U.K., the 16GB model is priced at £299, with the 32GB model at £339. O2 will be the only U.K. network to offer the 32GB model. Three has confirmed that it will stock the 16GB version; in addition to offering it on contracts, it can also be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis, but the price will be £399, a massive £100 more than if you were to purchase direct from Google. 

Update: The 16GB version of the Nexus 5 is now sold out of its launch shipments on the Google Play site.

Source: Google blog

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I like my Nexus 10 the updates from Google via stock Android, but I think Samsung is going better features with its TouchWiz skin on top of Android.

I was hoping for a new Nexus 10 along with the Nexus 5 announcement.

There most likely won't be, they only update one device with each new OS release. 4.3 was the new N7, 4.4 is the successor to the N4 (the N5). So by logic, the new N10 should arrive with 4.5/5.0 (or whatever the next version is).

I think I saw some leaked images of a Asus Nexus 10 something. In not sure what's going on with my current Nexus 10 that I'm only getting about 4 hours of juice.

Yep, Galaxy Nexus and below do not support 4.4. Rumours have it that it's due to the Texas Instruments hardware in those phones and the fact Ti exited the mobile industry (hence no driver support). However, I call bull on that personally.

More likely explanation is the fact Google just support 2 devices at a time. Now that the N5 is officially out the Galaxy Nexus gets dropped. I expect the same to happen to the N4 next year when the successor to the N5 releases.

Shiranui said,
Are America's religious right going to complain about the same-sex marriage depicted in the ad?

Everyone's Religious right are going to complain. America isn't unique in this regard.

McKay said,

Everyone's Religious right are going to complain. America isn't unique in this regard.

Oh, cause Christians here on the other side of the big pond, do not have issues with same-sex marriages.

Shadowzz said,

Oh, cause Christians here on the other side of the big pond, do not have issues with same-sex marriages.

Some Christians here do not have issues, same as some Christians in America, and elsewhere.

I want to buy one, just because it's a gorgeous phone. But it's too small for me now, I've gotten used to my Note 3.

Ordered mine yesterday. Looking forward to 4.4

I have a perfectly good Moto Xoom... and it really sucks that they stopped updates after 4.2

Drivers for various SoC need to be modulized to make versions of Android easier to update devices... that is the main problem I have with devices. Since they now have OS updates... just not fair to force to by new devices to get software updates.

All I want in a device is an at least 1080p screen, ability to decode video at 1080p without shudder, WiFi n/ac, have a mico SD card, and get the latest OS updates - I want the 10" model for reading textbooks and magazines. Why is this so trouble some?

I will be willing to get a new tablet every 3 to 5 years. The Nexus 10 does not have a micro SD... heck put it in the 32GB version only if you must... but it would be nice to be able to swap out content. Not everything can be streamed darn it.

Yes, the part that sucks. It seems like it is about balance.

The next issue I have is the horrible camera software, and developers don't have access to the hardware to make better camera software. The Nexus 5 camera should by all intents kick the snot out of the iPhone... the software holds it back from the potential.

Looks like a terrific device and I'd be all over it if I didn't go back to iPhone. I had the Nexus 4 for about a year and loved it. I'm sure the 5 will be a hot seller and a great value.

Ordered a black 16gb and it said estimated ship date 8th Nov but got an email within 12 hours saying it had shipped, now looking on the carrier site it is a the depot not 5 miles from my house so expecting it Monday #happybunny

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