Google Fixes Gmail IMAP Problem on Windows Mobile

Google said it has fixed a problem that was causing Windows Mobile phone users to receive blank Gmail messages. In October, Google began supporting IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) for Gmail. That means messages that mobile users send or receive from their phones are synched with their Gmail accounts, appearing the next time users access their accounts from a computer. But shortly after the announcement, Windows Mobile users began complaining in online forums about problems.

In some cases, Windows Mobile users said that HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) e-mail messages showed up blank on their phones. Others said that while they could read message headers, all messages appeared blank.

View: The full story @ PCWorld

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What about fixing other IMAP issues in general? Like the fact that emails are duplicated in multiple places (All Messages folder, Inbox folder, etc) and the problem with subscribing to only a select few folders..

Ah, awesome. It seemed to be totally random if my e-mails were blank or not. I'd even get the e-mail later if it was part of a longer thread.