Google Gets Into Web Sites Building Business.

Google, is aiming to become the go-to place for creating Web sites. It is taking its first step toward that goal, with the debut of a free service designed for high-tech neophytes looking for a simple way to share information with other people working in the same company or attending the same class in school.

With a few clicks, just about anyone will be able to quickly set up and update a Web site. All sites created on the service will run on one of Google's computers. Google acquired many of the Web-site tools when it bought a Silicon Valley startup, JotSpot, last year. The tools are the latest addition to a bundle of applications that Google offers to consumers and businesses as alternatives to similar products sold by Microsoft Corp., one of Google's fiercest rivals.

Link: Associated Press

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Damn I dunno if im happy about this being a web designer.

This has its benefits and downfalls. I can see your average joe going in and making his own site for free with a tool provided by the worlds largest search engine. Which is going to make it harder for web designers who target small to medium sized businesses. Yes a lot of average joe's can already do this with other free online tools like yahoo site builder, but it still means a large chunk of the market will be snapped up by Google.

On the other hand the sites are boring as f*ck.. so hopefully that reduces market capture.

Are their pages going to ranked higher because its made using tools from Google?

This product is to compete with MS Sharepoint and other enterprise collaboration software. It's part of Google and MS' (and others) battle to control the next big corporate software market.

This is not the same as the Google pages which is Google's home-user, site builder tool.

It's got a lot of catching up to do if it wants to oust Sharepoint, Alfresco, Documentum and other web based collaboration packages.

(Shadrack said @ #2.1)
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Cripe! Give me a break already! Come up with something original for one.
Who would use this kind of crap anyway. Another Geocities/Angelfire/Tripod on the way.

It's pretty innovative and knowing Google they will strive to make it their own (unique). It's more of an online collaboration tool than a web site builder. After they get the bugs worked out and it becomes successful, everyone else will try to copy the service.