Google giving away Galaxy Nexus phones on Twitter

Would you like to get one of the first devices of the upcoming Galaxy Nexus smartphone for free? Of course you would. The upcoming phone from Samsung will be the first with the new Android 4.0 operating system. Now the OS's creator Google is giving away multiple Galaxy Nexus devices on the phone's official Twitter page. The catch is that people will have to compete in challenges in order to win the smartphone.

The giveaways started on Saturday and will continue on the Twitter page until Monday, November 21 with one new Galaxy Nexus given out per day via a new contest every day. The current challenge, which ends at 11:59 pm Pacific Time tonight, will require people to create something that is "geeky and edible." You can use both photos and pictures for your contest entry which will be judged on "creativity, originality and use of humor."

All of this is in preparation for the actual release of the Galaxy Nexus here in the US. Wireless carrier Verizon has announced it will sell the smartphone but officially it has yet to nail down a specific launch date, although it is expected to be released sometime in November.

So will the Galaxy Nexus be a huge hit? Well, the $299.99 price tag is certainly on the expensive side, but we think Android 4.0 will also find its way into other, cheaper phones down the road. We tend to think that $199.99 (with a two year contract) is the sweet spot for advanced smartphone pricing.

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Now that's a good question! Perhaps go for a "two birds, one stone" approach and get more people to sign up for Google+ while advertising their upcoming device.

That said, I guess they get more advertisment for the phone by going with a more popular social network. Still, it doesn't really look good that they're not doing as you suggested - it's almost as if they don't have confidence in their own social network.

Too much effort competing for a one in a million chance of actually winning. I think I will just save the time and effort and look at purchasing one when they are actually released. That said, quite happy with my HTC Sensation at the moment anyway.

alexalex said,
What is Twitter ?
I really hope you're joking. Even if people don't use it (and many do), they still know what it is, in the same way people know about Facebook and the now "dead" Myspace.