Google Glass launches in the UK, yours for £1000

Google today brought its Glass wearable device to the United Kingdom, marking its first launch outside of the United States. Glass is available to buy right now via the Google Play Store in the UK, but as in the US, you'll need some pretty deep pockets to be able to purchase one. 

The UK price is £1000 GBP, which converts to roughly $1700 USD. That's more than the widely publicized US price of $1500, but the UK amount also includes value added tax (VAT) of 20%; the VAT-exclusive price is £833.33, or roughly $1420. 

Assuming you've got a spare grand lying around - and that you're at least 18 - you can order the device online right now. But if you're not sure whether or not to take the plunge, you can sign up to try it out in London at one of two Demo Days on June 27-28. 

Google has also announced some new apps for the device. The Guardian brings breaking news alerts, and allows users to save stories for reading later, while lets users keep up with the latest football news. 'Zombies, Run!' introduces a new Glass-centric version of the fitness-focused game, which includes a narrative mode that adds a storyline to proceedings, while StarChart is a SkyMap-style augmented reality app that allows users to view the sky with overlays of constellations, stars and planets.

To mark the UK launch, Google put together a glimpse of London life, as seen through a Glasshole's an Explorer's perspective:

Source: Google / CNET | image via Google

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...and completely useless for people that wear glasses. :D

But putting that aside, my God they look hideous, even the female model looks like she is unsure.

Zlain said,
...and completely useless for people that wear glasses. :D

They will have prescription lenses avail for those who need them. I also think they should come out with an "uber-geek" model that already has tape pre-wrapped around the nosepiece. Google Geek Glass!

That price is insane, are they really serious of Glass or is it just a garage project that never will turn into a retail product?

Its the Explorer program. Not really for the general consumer so the price is higher to make sure people who are serious about the platform and developing for it, buys it. Supposed to be released to normal consumer by the end of the year. Or at least thats the rumor. Most likely a price drop as well.

Whether or not Glass takes off, time will tell. But I expect it to be just a niche product like smart watches or bluetooth headsets. Some will have them, but not a mass amount of people.