Google introduces Google Dashboard

Google's one of the biggest companies on the Internet; between search, IM, email and everything else, they have a huge user base. Though, with that comes the worry of how much user data they've collected; to remedy this, a tool has been announced, showing users that exact data.

Google has an extremely vast range of services. When you put your mind to it, a person who uses Google products over the competition, when given the choice, would give the company the chance to know about their emails, those they talk to on IM, the things they search for, the videos they watch on YouTube, the documents they've shared and stored online, and even the RSS feeds they're subscribed to (not to mention that's only a small selection of services, too). That's a hefty amount of data from one person, and there are some individuals who are seriously concerned about it. Google's way of dealing with this is Dashboard, a simple service that collects everything together, from YouTube history to Google Docs, and puts it in one easy-to-read feed, displaying all of your interactions with the other tools. You can remove data, if desired, as well as change data collected (such as disabling saved web search history) in order to keep privacy at a maximum.

Google Dashboard will require you to log in again, despite being already logged into (or whichever international site you use), helping keep things secure. Also, all services aren't quite added yet, according to MacWorld, so don't get your hopes up. If you want to give this a shot, head over to Dashboard and have a peek at what Google knows about you.

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Limited use since you can't remove the info there if you dislike it.

It also doesn't care for the most privacy intruding stuff (their ad tracking system and what Doubleclick, now Google operated, stores about you).

I believe thats web search... mine said that it was disabled...... Maybe they didnt include the web search activity.

I had totally forgotten that I set up a Blogger and YouTube account. I can't say that I'm terribly interested in removing anything. I can understand that other people may be interested... but I don't really have anything to hide, and I'd rather see targeted ads that are relevant to my interests rather than random ads.

Version 1.0 beta due in q1 2010. :p.

Dang I didn't realize google had so much info.... I never told it to save web history( as best as I can remember) and I've got pretty well documented all the way back to December 2006... Holy he'll I need to clear some of this out heheheh

very nice! +10000 to Google for this. Definitely a nice feature for all you conspiracy theorists out there who think Google is trying to take over the world.

I've had my history paused for a couple years now, but its nice to see they've made it easier to do and monitor their other tools.

It is said..,
That's a hefty amount of data from one person, and there are some individuals who are seriously concerned about it.

Hmm I prefer my privacy which should be nobodys business.

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