Google I/O recap: New updates to products, but no Android 4.3

Google started its annual Google I/O developer conference with a long keynote address today. There were quite a few announcements from the company, including its new All Access streaming music service, a preview of the new Google Maps, and a surprise appearance from CEO Larry Page, who proceeded to take some shots at Microsoft.

Google also announced a new look for its Google+ social networking service during the keynote. The layout now has up to three columns available, with the number of columns influenced by a device's screen resolution and display orientation. Photos and videos can also fill the entire Google+ stream and it can learn to put in the correct hashtags in posts automatically. The company also announced that the service has 190 million users that are active in the stream.

Google Hangouts also gets a new standalone app for Android, iOS and PC platforms, and pictures uploaded to Google+ can now be enhanced with effects such as the ones shown in the video above.

Over on the search end of things, Google will soon be adding voice recognition to the desktop and laptop search via Chrome. It stated:

Soon, you’ll be able to just say, hands-free, “OK Google, will it be sunny in Santa Cruz this weekend?” and get a spoken answer. Then, you’ll be able to continue the conversation and just follow up with “how far is it from here?” if you care about the drive or “how about Monterey?” if you want to check weather somewhere else, and get Google to tell you the answer.

There is one thing that will shut down soon: games on Google+. The company revealed that its Facebook-like game service will close down on June 30th. Instead, Google is supporting web and mobile games with the new Google Play game services as an optional backend for developers to access.

With all of the reveals and previews at Google I/O today, one thing that was not talked about was Android 4.3. While many expected the next version of Android to get some kind of preview at the keynote, no such presentation was made.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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However, you can't do that on all the pages. Only your home stream! Plus too much space is being wasted if you are on a large monitor.

My G+ profile just turned into a facebook look alike xD Just curious, can you allow others to make posts on your G+ profile? Or can you only make the main post and allow comments?

I am 100% sure there will be android 5, 6 and 7. But I am more interested in the apps instead, who cares about the is version number, the latest one does pretty much everything

john.smith_2084 said,
I am 100% sure there will be android 5, 6 and 7. But I am more interested in the apps instead, who cares about the is version number, the latest one does pretty much everything

Always something new in the major revision number. Whether its worth anything, who knows. Very little is known about 5.0. In Samsungs case, doesnt really matter since they put their own UI and features and you see very little of the stock android UI.

Was really hoping for an updated or new nexus phone... google nexus samsung galaxy s4 don't really excite me. I'll just get the samsung GS4, save $50, and just flash their 'modified' rom anyway.

You keep hearing about how slow MS is with WP, but they are going at the same rate if not faster (now) than Android. Sure they need to catch up, but you can only code so fast (bug free).

Just got the Chrome update with voice search. It also uses the omnibox to search google and rids of the navigation bar.