Google is hoping to entice developers with new Android Wear video

It's undeniable that as we get closer to Google I/O 2014, we are starting to see more and more in regards to Google's upcoming wearables platform, Android Wear. Yesterday, the Google Developers YouTube channel published a video that gives the audience a quick introduction to Android Wear. The video is narrated by Timothy Jordan, a developer advocate at Google.  

For those that haven’t heard about Android Wear, it is essentially an extension of the Android platform that was developed specifically for wearables. 

Jordan highlights the benefits that Android Wear can provide in everyday situations. By utilizing an Android Wear device, Google thinks that it will reduce the amount of time that a user spends removing themselves from their daily routines; this occurs when we engage in the simple action of taking out a phone and checking it. Android Wear aims to limit this “downtime” by creating an interaction that still leaves users connected to the real world, but give them access to the connected one.

Android Wear focuses on bringing users a different kind of experience than what they can generally find on their phones. Currently, there is a problem of wearables mimicking phone interfaces. Since a wearable isn’t designed as a phone or to be used as one, Google thinks it shouldn't duplicate the experience on a smaller screen. 

Android Wear challenges this scenario by simplifying the interface and taking away the clutter of applications; Android Wear accomplishes this by leveraging two points. The first is the capability for the user to speak commands to the device. This opens up a world where your inputs aren’t physical, but verbal. This is similar to how you can currently interact with most mobile devices via digital assistants. Second, is the capability for the wearable to communicate with you. 

Notifications and Enhanced Notifications

Notifications and enhanced notifications will be a standard part of Android Wear. Notifications will appear as single card on the Android Wear device, and will be accompanied by the corresponding sounds and vibrations.

Stacks, Pages, and Replies

  • Stacks allows for bundling of multiple notifications. Essentially, this will allow notifications to come in as one card, which can than be expanded by the user.
  • Pages will allow you to have multiple cards of information for a single notification. This will act like a book where you can flip through to gather details attached to that specific notification. 
  • Replies will allow users to reply to text messages via voice or with pre-defined text message templates. 

While this might seem like a fairly detailed run-through of Android Wear, it's actually just the tip of the iceberg. For those interested you can find more information on the Android Wear developer page. Android Wear and its accompanying wearables are expected to make their debut at Google I/O 2014. 

Source: Android Wear Developer Page via Engadget | Image via Google

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Too much distracting technology, IMHO.

This + a smartphone = largely redundant.
Plus, they will turn your life into a notification nightmare.... :-)

I guess you skipped the video? They are working on the complete opposite to reduce people living with their face stuffed in their phone.

I find it telling that one of the biggest Android OEMs and the one who could push this whole "wear" thing a good bit isn't even using Android in it's newest version of a watch, yes, I'm talking about Samsung.

I just don't think big, and they are big, watches are what people want. Unless I'm at some fancy event where I dress up I don't even put a watch on, I have my phone with me all the time.

I do believe Samsung has already said they will release an Android Wear version of their smart watch... but do please correct me if I'm wrong. Android wear wasn't even out when Samsung released their last 2-3 watches anyway...

quick said,
I do believe Samsung has already said they will release an Android Wear version of their smart watch... but do please correct me if I'm wrong. Android wear wasn't even out when Samsung released their last 2-3 watches anyway...

Android Wear is just what Google names the software, the first watch from Samsung did run Android but the newer one, which is or will be on sale soon, doesn't, it runs Samsungs own OS. This will be their 2nd watch iirc, but maybe it's their 3rd?

Anyways, point still stands, even Samsung, the largest Android player is using something else for their watch, why even bother to and not just stick with Android?

Honestly I think Samsungs end goal is to get Tizen to run on as many things as they can and not rely on Android anymore.