Google launches Glass Explorer Program enabling Glass users to send invite to one friend

Google has announced to its Google Glass testers that they may invite one friend to try out Glass for themselves, through the Glass Explorer Program.

This somewhat emulates when Google first launched GMail, which if you may recall was initially also invite only. Although this time around the amount of invites is limited to one invite per tester, it does make current Glass users that much more important within their circle of friends.

There are a few catches however, as noted above -anyone applying to the Glass Explorer Program must be a resident of the US, over 18 and be able to personally pick up Glass in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles; making it perhaps pretty limited even for those already living in the States. There's also no indication that the pricing has been changed to accommodate this program, meaning it's probably going to cost those Explorers the same $1500 to take part. 

While we already know that Glass testers aren't allowed to share them with anyone else, or face an almost certain deactivation of the device, at least now they can share the experience through inviting a friend, and if another report is true, consumers will probably be able to get one for themselves, at a cheaper price either by the end of the year, or in the first quarter of next year anyway.

If you know a friend with Glass, maybe now's the time to renew that friendship?

Via: Zagg | Image: Ryan Mott on Google+

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This thing is stupid. And yet, Google has the money to make it appear to be the thing everyone wants; which will make everyone want it. I think people wearing it look absolutely ridiculous as well.

I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

They tried that with Google+ and that flopped. They haven't quite figured out the "exclusive/invite" marketing model that worked so well with gmail just doesn't work anymore. You have to go full release right away now or people lose interest. Of course the other problem is the base concept is just bad.