Google launches site performance tool for website owners

Google is a company that is obsessed with speed. From search results to email, communications and everything else they have to offer, they make sure it's as optimized as possible. Now, they've turned to the websites of others, having launched a tool aimed at helping speed these up.

Google's reasoning behind wanting to speed up other websites is pretty clear; they gain revenue by having advertisements placed on public sites, and if the site is slow, the chances are that people won't visit it. If people don't visit it, they can't click on ads, and thus, Google loses out. So, what can you expect this tool to do for you? As Mashable states, it'll give you graphs of your site speed over time, as well as showing you details of the average load time after analyzing the site. In addition, you can get reports of specific pages, and then read suggestions of how to speed up the site.

Another reason the company may be doing this is to prepare website owners for Google's expected changes to the search engine, in which load speed will be factored into results, with faster sites showing up the top more often. This is another way for Google to persuade website owners to help boost the loading times of their respected sites.

If you own a website and would be interested in using this tool, have a peruse of this website.

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So now google wants to take the speed of the website into account when ranking. What ever happened to giving me the infermation i wanted no matter how bad the site is? This need for speed and newness on the internet is going to lead us into trouble. For example translation patches to snes roms, most of them lived on geocities as they were translated a while ago. Also the college alarmclocks main page lost to time because of the geocities death.

/me is bitter about his child hood going >del *geocities*.*

LOL failcake, most of the performance issues it has is with scripts not being GZIP'ed for me and all the scripts its moaning about are googles own scripts like their JS api's etc.