Google launches Themes API for iGoogle

Google has released an iGoogle Themes API, giving designers the ability to create their own iGoogle Theme. With the iGoogle Themes API, developers can design and share a theme with the tens of millions of iGoogle users around the world, providing even more options for users to customize their iGoogle experience. To jumpstart the development, and for the a little bit of inspiration, Google has also released custom themes from innovative designers Yves Behar, Mark Frauenfelder, Troy Lee and John Maeda. A new themes directory, similar to the Google Gadgets directory, has also been created.

View: iGoogle Themes API

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I'll make one with a background image of a picture of the google search box so that the user doesn't know which box is real.

leovanham said,
Finally, i use igoogle alot and always wondered why they didn't have more themes. It just makes it more fun to use :).

Yeah I know, I use the beach one primarily, well since I live near the beach..but thats becides the point. I am using the world light one now, its pretty neat.