Google Makes MacExpo Commitment

Google is once again underscoring its commitment to the Mac platform, with a major presence planned for MacExpo, which opens tomorrow. MacExpo organisers have confirmed this presence on behalf of search engine giant. Google will run daily workshops demonstrating its products and how they can be used within projects.

The company will explain Google video, Google Maps, Google Earth and Sketch-up at the show. Workshops begin at 11am with an introduction to Google video: "Learn to share your work with millions through the Google Video website, or how to enliven your own site by embedding a video within it," the company says.

At noon, the company will explain how users can embed Google Maps into their webpages. At 1.30pm, Google will explain how its current collection of Mac products can be used together to create compelling solutions. Later sessions include one on Google Earth at 2.30pm, and SketchUp at 3.30pm. Google demonstrators will be on hand throughout the exhibition to showcase the company's products and answer questions.

News source: Macworld UK

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I don't get their "commitment" to the "Mac" platform. Google's primary services are web based, meaning they are OS independent. If you have a browser, you can use Google. It shouldn't matter if you are on Mac or soemthing else.

Quote - warwagon said @ #1.3
It lets you build cool 3D buildings like this

Thats my last one by the way.

Dont forget latest version google earth 4
lets you import SketchUp images into Google Earth Maps.