Google Maps adds even more high-res images

Hot on the heels of Apple's apology for its own iOS 6 map issues, Google is also announcing image improvements to its own Google Maps and Google Earth services, just a few weeks after its last such update.

In a post on the official Google Maps blog, the company said it has now added new 45 degree images for 37 cities in the US, along with 14 other cities overseas. One of the international locations is Pisa, Italy, which means users of Google Maps can now check out a 45 degree image of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In addition, Google has added new high resolution aerial images for 17 cities, including nine in the US, six in France and one each in Italy and Switzerland. New high-res images taken from satellites have also been added to 112 countries in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said today in his apology that iOS 6 users who are unsatisfied with the company's own new map app do have a number of alternatives.  While there is still no Google Map app available for iOS 6, Cook said that those users can still go to the Google Maps website via Safari and create an icon on their home screen to make a web app.

Source: Google Maps blog | Image via Google

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Google should contract passenger and/or freight airlines to attach cameras w/ GPS to the underneath of their fuselages and upload the images at every destination.

still many places in the developed country did not get good updated for few year. so there are some building missing, and some new road not available.
in modern country maybe the development not much anymore. but on developed country many new building and road missing from google maps and google earth

Microsoft have been doing 45 degree views of most of the world for years. I don't really see why this is newsworthy.

jakem1 said,
Microsoft have been doing 45 degree views of most of the world for years. I don't really see why this is newsworthy.

All tech news is newsworthy, including the "more apps on windows store" news, quit moaning.

DJGM said,
I couldn't care less while their aerial photography for my local area is over 6 years out of date!

The area around me dates back to 2001. :-/

Dot Matrix said,

The area around me dates back to 2001. :-/

In my area, Google Maps still shows an aerial view of the derelict Whitefield bus station,
the nearby former Presto/Safeway supermarket building, the adjacent car park, plus a
bunch of about 20 nearby houses, a row of old shops and two pubs, all of which was
demolished back in Summer 2006! The redevelopment was completed 2 years later.

Google sent their Street View cars around the area in 2009, so the Street View of the
town centre clashes really badly with the massively outdated aerial photography.

Bing Maps "Birds Eye View" has much more up to date imagery of my local area . . .

Even if Whitefield had been blown up in 2006, Google Maps would still show it intact!

Edited by DJGM, Sep 28 2012, 7:52pm : takes monthly dated aerials of all major Australian centers, has much higher res images than Google, it has a timeline so you can select any past only aerial.

Google offers public transport routes and time tables, directions, street view and good international coverage.

Each has their perks, but with near monthly aerials is a winner for me.