Google Maps navigation now available in Europe

When Google first announced its free navigation services, companies like TomTom and Garmin stocks took a nose dive. On Wednesday Google announced, via its German blog, that the service is now expanding to Europe.

Google released free turn-by-turn navigation to the U.S. back in October of 2009 and in the UK in April of 2010. Unlike other navigation programs, Google's does not store maps locally on the device. Instead, it relies on an Internet connection to stream the latest and most up-to-date maps and traffic information. Should your connection drop, Google caches your route to keep you from getting lost.

Google's GPS offers many advantages over current devices, including showing satellite view of the overhead region and a hybrid overlay with street names. The device will also offer a street view hybrid overlay with arrows when you're supposed to turn or at your final destination. The service is available now in most countries in the EU.

Visit Google's mobile navigation site to download the application for your device.

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ady199 said,
Can you get this for the iPhone???

Not yet. Google has said that they are working on bringing it to the iPhone soon.

I've been using it for many months now (I'm in the UK), if you have a rooted Android phone you have access to this already and it's awesome!

This article is talking about mainland Europe - the service has been available in the UK for a while. No rooted device needed - it's available in the Maps app on my completely stock HTC Desire.

Pedantic note: the UK is in Europe despite many people here wishing we weren't (for some odd reason). The title should probably mention expansion in Europe or something, rather than simply "now available".

Might seem like a silly issue, but it bugs me

Me too, when reading the title I thought "It's been available in the UK for ages" I really don't understand what continent people think the UK is in....

When you access route navigation via the menu of Google Maps, enter the starting point and destination and click go you will then have the option to choose navigation :-)