Google moves to 'universal' search

Marissa Mayer, Google Incorporated's vice president of search products and user experience, made the announcement that the search giant will make a significant push toward integrating results from a variety of its search engines. Internet search providers typically offer, in addition to their general Web search engines, a set of specialty engines that deliver only news articles, photos, local business listings, blog postings, maps and video clips. The inconvenience of having multiple search sites from one company has become apparent, not to mention the fact that many people are simply unaware of the specialty search engines beyond their main Web search sites.

Google seems to be the first to actually come to the point of correcting the issue once and for all and has begun to move towards what it calls a "universal search model," while acknowledging it is still far from where it wants to be in this area, which is to deliver a single set of results culled from all its engines. Results of this effort will be often subtle and gradual, the company warned. As part of the effort, Google is implementing a new technical infrastructure able to handle the intensive computational tasks involved in providing integrated results. An upgrade to the results ranking mechanism is also being rolled out.

Link: Google Experimental
News source: InfoWorld

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does anyone reckon that google will ever show google base submissions in the main or unified search results? Does anyone actually use google base?

Searching for: GOOBERS

39 Results:

Location No. of Results

C:\windows 0
Your Fridge 2
Under your desk 15
The Toilet 3
7-11 down the street 67
Nearest theater 184

Look is very much cluttered & they are putting more information in a small area..which is making google to loose its plain good look. not ok for me :-(

What would be REALLY helpful is if Google stopped lumping in all the online retailers in search results for reviews and tech articles. Right now, search for a hardware review and you get all these stores with their customer reviews instead. So you have to use something like "-buy -shop -newegg -webcam girls -free -download", etc., to get hundreds of those shopping and spam sites eliminated.

And what about all those fake search engines that sneak themselves into the results?

IMHO eliminating this kind of stuff would be much more helpful than lumping even more types of sites together.

I agree, but thats a different issue.

I've had the same problem before when I've wanted to read a real review of something and all I get is a load of crap from hundreds of price comparison sites that don't even work...

Cool stuff :)
Edit: on web search now it has a new look and when I search "microsoft" I get

Personalized Results 1 - 10 of about 630,000,000 for microsoft. (0.06 seconds)

Floated to the right and...

Web Patents News
to the left - all links going to the respective result pages except for Web which is bold.