Google mulls next moves on U.S. wireless networks

Google Inc confirmed on Thursday it had been an active bidder in recent U.S. auctions for licenses to create a national wireless network and that it will weigh in as regulators set new rules.

In a statement, the Internet services leader said it planned to remain active in rule-making by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that will govern how Verizon Communications, the winning bidder for the "C Block" of nationwide wireless spectrum, will operate its network.

"In ten of the bidding rounds we actually raised our own bid -- even though no one was bidding against us -- to ensure aggressive bidding on the C Block," Google said. Active bidding ensured the rules designed to make these networks more open to independent Web services will be implemented, it said.

The Silicon Valley company also said it will weigh in on new rules the FCC may set as it re-auctions airwaves that are to be shared between public safety agencies and commercial service providers -- the "D Block" in the auctions.

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What's C-block? Is that California?

Is there a way I can know who will be domination California? I know I don't want Verizon for sure

ATT won the spectrum too but they only needed lisences to the areas they didnt already hold 700 lisences in.VErizon won the whole country (the open standard one) ut att won the areas that they needed (non open standards ones) .

Well, even though the B-block (parts of which AT&T won) doesn't have an open access requirement, AT&T is going with LTE which should retain the SIM card (LTE is in the GSM family) and so you'll be able to use any LTE phone anyways (provided the frequencies match).

(Narlzac85 said @ #1)
I didn't know Verizon won....thats too bad

too bad for what? do you want Google to get even into this service industry? (they will throw Ad at everyone everytime!! )
they make no evil [sarcarsm]