Google Nose search has 15,000,000 scentibytes of smells

Although the closing of Google Reader sent shockwaves through the Internet, it looks like closing down the RSS reader has allowed the company to focus on an even cooler technology. And unlike the shutdown of YouTube, we're sure this one just HAS to be real.

The latest search utility in Google's arsenal is called Google Nose, and it allows users to actually find out what things smell like. According to the site, Google's Street Sense vehicles (similar to the vehicle that maps out Street View) have "inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles." This allows users to search for things like "horse manure" or "garlic," hold their phone up to their nose, and see what it smells like.

The site is currently live and, although we're a bit concerned that people want to know what a belly button smells like, this new offering is bound to change the way people use the Internet forever. Although apparently only available on Android, there's no mention of what phones are supported but we're sure that information will be released soon.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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last year was gmail joke, when this nose beta appear on the top bar and within a second i already knew it was typical google april fool joke! Try harder, because is way too obvious this thing aren't gonna work.

I'm concerned about privacy. Google are probably using their smell receptor tracking technology to keep a database of the smells I enjoy, and then passing that information onto advertisers who will provide me with adverts tailored to my favourite smells.

Luis Mazza said,

Useless comment is useless.
Just my 2 cents.

And his wasn't?

What EXACTLY does the Chromebook Pixel have to do with the newspiece? It's meant to be a lighthearted article about a Google April Fools joke, and in comes some guy who uses the comments to troll the Chromebook Pixel. It's a deliberate attempt to derail the conversation to hate on Google (and lord knows there's enough of that on Neowin these days). I was simply pointing it out in a vain attempt to stop others biting, but alas I was unsuccessful.

Grinch said,

Nice edit, Captain. Though we still know who you are.

Oh noes I pulled an avg user action and skipped the tags apologies I didnt read the author either & assumed it was a Callaham article.
Anyways, now that ya know 'who I am' ill try to mask my online identification further lol