Google Now can tell you to get off buses and trains at your stop

A new alarm feature integrated into Google's digital assistant for Android devices, Google Now, is reportedly able to alert you to get off public transport at the stop nearest to your destination.

According to Android Police, the feature does not integrate with the standard alarm feature in Android available through the Clock app. Instead, it is controlled exclusively by Google Now.

The option to set the alarm appears when the app knows you are on public transport and where your destination is. Tapping the alarm sets it to notify you shortly before you reach the most appropriate stop on your route for where you are headed.

The app can even work out approximately when you should arrive at the stop so the alarms sound with a decent amount of accuracy. The feature will be available in all of the countries where Google Now is aware of the public transport networks including the US, UK and most European countries.

Small features like these are what make voice-controlled digital assistants such as Google Now, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana so enticing. It is a little touch but one that could help you from missing your bus stop if you are feeling a bit tired after a late night out. Your Android phone should be able to pick up the update through the Play Store now if it is available to you and iOS devices with Google Now should also get the feature.

Source and image: Android Police

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Yes, some catching up to do. This is a nice feature. Microsoft is updating Cortana every couple of weeks, which is good if they're meaningful updates. Not sure what Apple is doing though.

tsupersonic said,
Google Now is getting way more useful with every release, love it. Microsoft & Apple are behind in this department...

Been able to do that in Beijing with Nokia Here Transit on WP for over a year. Yawn.

BTW. There is no Google in China.

Major_Plonquer said,

Been able to do that in Beijing with Nokia Here Transit on WP for over a year. Yawn.

BTW. There is no Google in China.

You bring up a good point. I am in the US - so I get to enjoy Google's latest features. It kind of stinks when you follow these tech sites and see new services/products not available in your country/region.

Yup love that. I don't understand why buses in NYC don't show which street they are approaching. The bus drivers usually mumble and speak ebonics which could be super hard for foreigners.

That makes me happy to know at least Houston's METRO (not exactly known to be one of America's best public transit agencies) does something right that NYC's public transit doesn't do.