Google now offering a one-time replacement for your accidentally damaged Nexus 5

Sometimes accidents just happen, often as a result of trying to accomplish too many things at one time. While a majority of manufacturers won't cover accidental damage under their standard warranty policy, it looks like Google will now be making exceptions for Nexus 5 owners. 

Last week, I had an accident with my Nexus 5. While I won't dive into the boring details, I dropped it and the screen shattered. Luckily, Google is offering to replace damaged Nexus 5's as long as they fall under the proper criteria for replacement. While I was skeptical at first, I decided to call into Google's customer support for assistance.

Although there is conflicting information in regards to the support centers hours, I was able to reach them starting at 8:15am PST. This was 15 minutes prior to their official operating time of 8:30am PST, but the automated system picked up, allowing me to plow through different options. After a couple of selections, I was informed that there would be a 27 minute wait period. Luckily, Google offers the option to have a representative to call you back once your position in the queue has been reached. 

After 20 minutes or so, I received a call from Google support. The interaction was simple and honest. I let them know that I dropped my phone and would like to know what options were available. After obtaining my information (name, email account, etc) and confirming my Nexus 5 was purchased from the Google Play Store, the representative happily informed me about a new program that was just put into place that would allow Google to replace my damaged device. 

I was, to say they least, overjoyed.

The rep went over the details and stated that I would receive an email to start the process. After the call ended, it took about 15 minutes for the email to hit my inbox. The email stated that although my issue normally isn't covered (generally I would be transferred over to LG for assistance), due to them valuing me as a customer, they would be able to give me a "one-time courtesy device replacement." The email also made it clear that the replacement device would be refurbished. Naturally, I wasn't upset about the refurbished replacement as I was happy just getting a replacement device at no cost. 

In order to start the process, there is an embedded link in the email. The link is set to expire 24 hours after being issued, so it is imperative to order your replacement device as soon as possible. The rep informed me that if I was unable to place the order within 24 hours, that the link would expire and I would have to call back again to start the process over. Once you click the link, it will ask you to order a replacement. The order does not charge your credit card on file, but it will authorize it for the full amount of the device. Once Google receives the damaged device back, the authorization will be removed within 21 days. There are also directions on how to send the damaged unit back, as well as a prepaid UPS shipping label in the email. 

While, my interaction was painless, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when trying to obtain a replacement device of your own. The program is in currently in place for those that purchased their device through the Google Play Store in the United States. The phone must have been purchased within the year and if Google offers to make the exception, the swap will be a one time deal for a refurbished unit. With that said, I'll update this article when I receive the device and good luck to those that call in. 

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Didn't work for me. They only offered to transfer me to the manufacturer so I could pay for repairs. 10 month old Nexus 5.

This is not news. This simply is a event that occurred to you.

I'm kind of skeptical on how exactly you told them "I dropped it and the screen shattered".

I had a media device and once I was camping, I feel asleep on the rocky floor. I had the media device in my pocket and I roll around in my sleep. I woke up to find the screen completely shattered and destroyed. I called them up and told them that I went to my media player and saw that my screen that developed a huge crack by itself. I sent it back to them and got a brand new replacement with 40GB instead of the 20GB which was the model I ordered the first time around.

I ordered a Dell monitor once and I was not happy with the backlight. I got sent another one without even sending the broken one back.

These kind of things sometimes do happen but its not like a company is going to do it always. You just got lucky.

Yes this makes my day... I just got of the call from Google support and now am waiting for the email. They just did a one time replacement on my Nexus 5 with cracked screen i ordered from Google store back in March.

Oh, that's good. If only they could do the same thing with my Nexus 4, whose rear glass pane cracked literally on it's own.

That happened to my Nexus 4 :(. Set it down, picked it up, had a crack on the back. The crack looked thermal to me, but I'm not an expert. I sent it back to Google and got something else.

I haven't had a broken phone yet but this is definitely good PR to make me think of getting a future Nexus model next time I upgrade.

it was my first time. Surprisingly, I wasnt crushed when it happened. Just kind of picked it up and moved on. I did feel like my record of dropping zero phones was blemished though.... sigh..... ;)