Google now testing new search interface

Rumors have been circulating that Google is preparing to update its search results and Gizmodo has uncovered images that show off the new look.

The new search interface appears to be tested on random people as the user who reported the image was never invited nor accepted a beta invitation from Google. The new interface brings it inline with Google Wave but still keeps the to traditional Google minimalism.

Don't be surprised to see Google Wave, Chrome, Gmail, Maps and other Google applications to be integrated further into Google search as they attempt to blur the line between search and their other products.

Update: You can now test the new Google interface yourself (Thanks Gizmodo), go to and enter this in the address bar then hit enter and refresh Google:

Remember to remove the space between Java and script:

java script:void(document.cookie="PREF=ID=20b6e4c2f44943bb:U=4bf292d46faad806:TM=1249677602:LM=1257919388:S=odm0Ys-53ZueXfZG;path=/;");

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For those that can't do it because Google redirects to their local one, click here then use the code. It's a direct one to the .com without automatically localizing it.

It looks better now.

And how the f*** is it a bing copy cat? It looks nothing like Bing... no background image, now bad results, nothing. Hmmm.

I like this new change, it's making searching a lot easier. Definitely hoping they switch to this fast for all users. Loving that old-school logo too!

I tried this on Firefox 3.5 google chrome and IE 8 and it worked only in the IE 8 compatibility view for me.OS ->Win 7

I think they should probably NOT fix what aint broken. They're the number one search engine... Everyone else has to compete with THEM, not the other way around.

So I tested the new interface as I do with every search engine: by searching my favorite four-letter word. The 4th result was a hilarious YouTube video concerning somebody's mother

This change is all nice and stuff, but i fear that the google machine will overshadow the fact that bing did this first which will lead people to belive that bing copied google just like some people belive that the iphone was the first smartphone.

It's alright I guess, I like Google for it's simplicity and the way it is now is perfect in my humble opinion.

Clearing your cookies should get rid of it.

I don't like it either. Especially the giant bold font it uses. That, along with the blue stuff makes it feel like Fisher-Price's My First Search Engine.

Quite the opposite. You searched for XBox which is a game console, and google suggested other gaming systems in the same category. How is "Xbox Wii" relevant? It sounds confusing to me.

All these accusations of copying are facetious; I guess you guys completely forgot how similar bing looks to the google search page huh? And I don't mean the bar on the left. I'm talking about everything from the bar at the top, the position of the search engine name, and even the search box itself. It all screams copycat, but then again, we couldn't expect MS to come up with something original could we? And what an awful homepage, so much clutter. I think it's safe to say most people prefer the minimalistic look of google.

I'm from Poland and it works only on IE and Fx.
Doesn't work for you because you paste script next to "" carefully steps or use NCR

maybe i'm getting old but i find it too bright and 'in my face'. the layout is cool but i like the current colour scheme.

I've had this new search for over a week now, I didn't even know it was still a private beta, I just assumed this was the new search for anybody logged into Google.

At first I didn't like it, not because it was different, but because all my search results were like 90% news articles even though I wasn't searching news. But that was probably a bug because a couple days ago that stopped happening and my search results are what you expect them to be lately.

There's no reason to hate the change, if you don't care about the new features, simply don't use them and search as normal, your results are the same by default. But the ability to filter results by time can be useful if you're looking for specific events and articles.

good.. I hope they update the font from Arial to something else to in all their applications.. I really cant stand the look of GMAIL even with the themes on..

dimithrak said,
good.. I hope they update the font from Arial to something else to in all their applications.. I really cant stand the look of GMAIL even with the themes on..

You could Stylish it into something else - I made it all Calibri

Stijnk said,
so that's what I was seeing!
I already had this about 2 weeks ago. I thought everyone had it. =P

I guess no one noticed the "extra search options" button that has been there for about a year.

This is very true , coz i too got this about 2 days ago , but for few hrs , or may be mins ,,,
It was applicable to only and only to search , but not to news and all. And if u ask me , it was bit faster than previous one :)

i never look at the normal google screens so i would not notice this. I use iGoogle and then have a greasemonkey script that changes the results page. lol.

this is really really fake, or bing actually is making a bigger impact than anyone knows.

Not that bing's bad... it's my default video and image search.

AgentGray said,
this is really really fake, or bing actually is making a bigger impact than anyone knows.

Bing made about an 11% impact.

reverseswing said,
so can we now say Google is copying Bing? :p

True.. I use both.. but I prefer google just cause ofthe clean interface. meaning no pictures and crappy gradients!

M_Lyons10 said,
It does. But in fairness, Bing does have a nice design. LOL

In all fairness, it's because Google has such a bad design that Bing looks nice :P

Even though I'm a design-lover guy and I hate technical stuff (and yeah, this is going to make an engineer in two years...) I still use Google because it brings me the best results. I've seriously compared that during the last week and where Bing fails me all the time at school, I can find everything I want when I use Google.

No, Google still looks cleaner. Plus no background picture. I don't really mind the Bing background images; sometimes you can learn something interesting by clicking on one of the prepared 'search squares'. But I like the new text for Google and the bright blue buttons.