Google offers explanation and apology for Monday's Gmail issues

Many users of Gmail were a bit frustrated on Monday as they were not getting their emails as fast as they normally would. In some case, emails with attachments were arriving in Gmail inboxes without them. The issues lasted for about 11 hours.

Today, Google posted an apology on their Gmail blog, stating, " ... we realize that our users rely on Gmail to be always available and always fast, and for several hours we didn’t deliver." It also offered an explanation for the problems, saying:

The message delivery delays were triggered by a dual network failure. This is a very rare event in which two separate, redundant network paths both stop working at the same time. The two network failures were unrelated, but in combination they reduced Gmail’s capacity to deliver messages to users, and beginning at 5:54 a.m. PST messages started piling up.

Google said their Gmail team worked through much of the day on Monday to restore the network back to its full capacity and by 4 pm Pacific Time the backlog of emails had been cleared. Google said that 29 percent of Gmail users experienced just a 2.6 second delay on average in getting their emails. However, about 1.5 percent of Gmail users had their mail delayed to their inboxes by over two hours.

Google says they will take steps to make sure these kinds of issues don't happen again, including adding more network capacity, putting in better backup features and other changes that will keep emails flowing on Gmail in the event of another network failure.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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I had all kinds of issues just trying to get from folder to folder, or do much of anything, with the little I use Gmail.

I had some delay and it wouldn't load for about a minute. But it was back after that and didn't notice any problem. I rely on Gmail and to be honest, it has never let be down and I've never considered moving elsewhere.

dead.cell said,
Oh, they totally respect their customers! Just not their privacy as much.

No different then any other ad-supported free service.

As much as I hate Google and love when it happens to Google because they are a good consumer mail program, but a sucky enterprise one, these issues happen to all the cloud mail applications whether its Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Zimbra, etc. This is not news, but a mere incovience. If you run your own mail servers the same thing can happen as networks, firewall, network switches, human error all happen.

I work in IT and as much as Google says they are putting into place so this doesn't happen again that is a typical line all od us say, but in the end no matter what **** happens.

Exactly. Sometimes stuff happens you can only do so much to prevent it, unless it's happening regularly then accept (particularly when come to "the cloud") it and move on. Dead on about the "putting into place so xyz doesn't happen again", while occasionally that can be true, it's just a standard line.

Kalint said,

So Google didnt go down, gotcha!

server failure = not getting messages or attachments = service is down

vcfan said, never goes down.

Who said that? I have heard comments on Neowin that Google doesnt go down as often.

Every service goes down. The ones who do not think so are either in denial or 100 percent fanboys.

vcfan said, never goes down.

A service went down, Google didnt go down. Its like a your cable internet connection dies and people comment...THE INTERNET IS DOWN! No, just your connection is down.

If Google went down, no Google services/applications would function.

I noticed multi-hour delays in receiving mail yesterday. I didn't notice problems with attachments though. Eh, problems happen. At least they knew what the issue was, and corrected it as soon as possible. With 2 sets of redundant links failing, that would hard down even some of the largest companies, i'm really surprised they were delivering any mail.

NeoPogo said,
Remember, Google reads your email and then targets ads in all of their other services you use. Not free at all!

Correction, Google searched for keywords and are not reading your email like others claim. And unless you are paying money out of pocket for the email service, it is free just like Outlook and others.

Lord Method Man said,
I place a greater value on my privacy than I do my money, so I can in no way say that Google services are "free" to use.

Yea they are. Just depends on your definition of the word. I say its free because I pay no money to use it. You say it's not for other more dubious (IMO) reasons.

well at least we should be expecting privacy in every email we read, even though you say they're just "looking for keywords". What's private is private. Email used to be private. Now Google destroyed that. I'm an Outlook user and they don't do such a thing. And this is real life experience, not an ad.