Google offers help for hacked sites

Website hacking is probably at an all time high and despite people's best efforts, site's do occasionally become compromised. The good news is that Google is willing to help out those who've had their websites hacked, and even help them regain control.

This is a new initiative by the big G as part of its Webmasters feature set. By accessing the site, users can get information as to why Google may be blocking their site from its search engine. They may also understand what it means to have been hacked and some suggestions and solutions are also provided. The advice ranges from very basic, such as contact your host, to more advanced such as determining whether you have malware inside your website's code.

Of course this is by no means exhaustive but it does certainly provide a decent starting point for those users that aren't necessarily "internet savvy" and haven't had to deal with hacks and malware until now.

Source: Google

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