Google posts its annual Zeitgeist search report, here's what 2012 looked like

Google has just published its annual Zeitgeist report, showing what the world has searched for most and what the biggest stories of 2012 were. And oh my, what an year it’s been.

2012 was eventful, tragic, hopeful and most of all deeply human. It showed our best parts with the London Olympics, the landing of Curiosity and perhaps Felix’s jump. It also showed some of our worst parts with violence in the Middle-East, the European crisis and decaying foreign relations around the world.

The world’s top 3 searches were Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy. The events that people were most interested in were Sandy, the pregnancy of Kate Middleton and the Olympics, followed closely by the SOPA debate. The Hunger Games was the most searched for movie with Skyfall coming in second and Prometheus securing 3rd place.

In our own field of technology and gadgets the iPad 3 was the most searched term of 2012 followed by Samsung’s Galaxy S III and the iPad Mini. Closer to our hearts Microsoft’s Surface makes an appearance at number 8 and the Nokia Lumia 920 ends the list at number 10.

It’s been an awesome year overall and we think there are lots of reasons out there for being hopeful. It’s been an awesome year for the industry and we can’t wait for 2013. Here’s hoping it will be even better.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite moment of 2012 were, and check out the source link below to see what people searched for in your region.

Source: Google

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I call BS, what about all the people using google images to search for porn? .... or am I the only one who does that?..... huh..... /s

i checked and i guess Google said this..

Nov 6, 2012 - Public
If you're in the U.S., today you'll notice some changes to the search results page on your desktop. It's now cleaner and simpler -- more consistent with the tablet and mobile design.


i had to do this 2x most of what i said and quoted vanished on submit after the dash in the quote.

My point was they basically said we're Metro'fying google..

enjoy another year of random snow globe shaking when they get the urge.

only thing I'm realising here is we have all obviously been doing EVERYTHING so BADLY that desperately major changes we're needed and long over due in everything PC.
Or should i use a another term because the PC don't seem to matter anymore,
it's all about warping things for Consoles, Tablets, Phones etc

I may seem a bit off topic but this PR story from Google should include we have had another year of them screwing with the format and I bet we will see another year of it.
And i'd love to see who says they love it and what they say when they get bored and change it again lol

Edited by I am Not PCyr, Dec 12 2012, 4:21pm :

the only thing mentioned i seen or searched etc is the TV show ripped on the net where the guy jumped from space other than that i couldn't care less..

Kate Middleton ? Still not sure who the cow is.. Is that the princes wife ? or Jhon and Kate + kids reality show ? uggh who cares jeez !

Gangnam Style ?
I'm guessing that has something to do with South Park's Blockbuster video halloween show (i think they were mocking whatever Gangnam is ?)

A crack whore dies and since she did some a movie with kevin costner and had a couple hits in the 80's people care other wise she would be another dead junkie no one cares about.. What about all the other people that died ? Who cares i guess lol

Any search engine i see people search for dumb crap.
For example go to Isohunt or Filestube and look at what people are searching for..
Sadly i almost always see Anime ..that crap is so awful !

Anyway how about the story how Google's search results and formatting have gotten worse and worse over time ? The images search results are almost useless compared to the past and the main results are aggravating and flooded with useless manipulative crap.
LONG LOOOOOOONG GONE are the days of when search engine INDEXED the web !
Now they serve you a combo if what they think you should have with an ad serving twist..
I've had to reinvent my google searching skills over the years to maintain consist results.
they are to concerned with giving me what they think i might want rather than what is related to the carefully thought out keywords i chose.

And lets bring up instant preview and snooping logging and as serving mixed into that crap.. its not enough to give you results they have to be layered in the latest gimicky trendy crap that many of us will have to write script to remove.. Thank god for my Grease Monkey scripts that modify google in every conceivable way or i would ditched it long ago.. but i probably will be soon when they cancel their iGoogle home page that is the day i will probably switch to something else (i've been trying other on and off)

Google is garbage .
and and yeah lets look forward to another year of Microsoft syndrome.
and ever increasing bad search results and irritating formatting (Google Metro'fied !)

lol at the how to's for UK. kids searching for how to kiss! I remember searching that when I was 11/12 lol. also "Games of thrones" is in the top 5 shows but "Game of thrones" isn't!

Fantastic video!

You've got to hand it to the folks that produce these videos - they really have a knack of stirring the emotions and sending shivers down your spine.

I'm having issues when trying to search by Country. Pity, as while a global search may show what the world cares about, I bet if you did a comparison of searches by country you would find that a majority of searches for Sandy were done in the US, effectively showing that the US cared about the hurricane, not necessarily the world. Of course, this reasoning applies to other searches as well, hurricane Sandy is just an example.

Agreed that obviously the trends will differ around the world. Thankfully Google have considered this. Using a modern browser, you can click the red box on the right that says 'Select a country' and filter as appropriate.

Oh no, you misunderstand me. I know that it is a problem on my end, not the website's. It's just that I can't take the time right now to look in to it (I'm at work) so I was clarifying that my following prediction was based on something that I couldn't verify myself.

Who cares what others searched for? I didn't search for a single one of those things, and even if I did, it wasn't on Google!!

I'm glad you asked. It's both interesting and informative to know what most people searched for using the most popular search engine because it gives an indication of what the world cares about.

Now for a few questions of my own:

Specifically, who cares what you searched for? And who cares what search engine you use?