Google reveals 2011's rising search results

Google has named the top 10 rising search results on its site for 2011 and the number one pick is Rebecca Black, the teenage pop "singer" who created a mass sensation (sometimes for the wrong reasons) with her Internet music video Friday. The number two biggest rising search result on Google this year was Google +, the social networking site that the company launched earlier this year.

Three Apple related search times hit the top 10 for 2011. The iPhone 5, a product that didn't actually come out in 2011, was ranked by Google as the sixth highest rising search term for the year. The late Steve Jobs made the list at number nine while the iPad 2 tablet managed to break in the list at the number 10 slot.

Other search terms that made the top 10 on Google's 2011 list included Jackass star Ryan Dunn at the number three spot. Dunn was killed in a car wreck earlier this year. EA's first person shooter Battlefield 3 was the only game to make the top 10 list; It held onto the number five slot. Thankfully a real singer, Adele, made the Google search term list for the year and occupied the number seven slot for 2011.

  • 1 - Rebecca Black
  • 2 - Google +
  • 3 - Ryan Dunn
  • 4 - Casey Anthony
  • 5 - Battlefield 3
  • 6 - iPhone 5
  • 7 - Adele
  • 8 - 東京 電力 (Tepco - the Japanese electric utility company behind the nuclear reactor that was damaged in March 2011)
  • 9 - Steve Jobs
  • 10 - iPad 2
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jimmyfal said,
Google + is a lie. I'd be willing to bet that if I could prove it.

Just because you don't use it doesn't mean no one else in the world does. And if Rebecca Black can top that list, I don't see why not.

jimmyfal said,
Google + is a lie. I'd be willing to bet that if I could prove it.

Huh? Think a moment about how many users Google+ has gained the past few months. They've gone from nothing to millions in a year, with the media exposure about this new service too. Even a person just curious about this service after reading some news (like here on Neowin) and not using it have contributed to this statistic. While the very same action haven't if it was about Facebook. Since Facebook already HAVE a huge search volume.

So this is NOT about how common the searches are. A query rising 300% this time period will likely easily top a query like "Facebook", "Apple", "Microsoft", or "Wikipedia" despite these most likely being far more common searches.

OK, rant over... But you two guys (so far) here really need to stop for a moment, think about what this article and these statistics are really about. For e.g. Facebook or Twitter to enter this list, they would probably have had to double their membership which is totally out of their reach since so many use it / search for them already.

jimmyfal said,
Google + is a lie. I'd be willing to bet that if I could prove it.

Unlike Facebook/YouTube/etc, the URL for Google + isn't obvious. Heck, I have an account and I don't even know what the URL is. So I think a lot of people constantly search for it, and that's how they get to it.

Come on a tech site to escape the mindless drivel of teenagers on Facebook and what do I see... ADELE. God damn it there's no escaping her Ahh well I'll pretend I didn't read that. (Purely my own opinion so please don't hate on me for disliking her ) Pretty surprised Steve Jobs wasn't higher up the list, wonder where Windows 8 ranked.

3 of the top 10 are apple related, must be trying to solve problems

No idea why google+ would be there, yet another failed social network experiment from google.

Quick Shot said,
I'm surprised google + is on the list.

yeah, wonder how much google+ paid the google marketing people to get it there