Google rolling out virtual keyboards for foreign search sites

Typing in a foreign language can be a daunting task when the only keyboard you possess is suited for nothing but the English vernacular. Google realizes this challenge and has therefore come up with a solution--virtual keyboards.

According to a tip received by TechCrunch, Google has begun rolling out a keyboard button on some of their foreign search sites, allowing users to call upon a virtual keyboard. Strangely, the special button only appears after making an initial search--not on the homepage. Once the feature is made public by Google itself, perhaps this will be corrected.

The virtual keyboard exists on many foreign search sites, including Israel (pictured below), Poland, Russia, and many more. No official list has been made public by Google. You'll have to check out your favorite foreign Google search sites on your own.

Google Virtual Keyboard

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I used to hate google. but now, I really cant deny that I prefer it over any other search engine. Tried bing.. just didnt have confidence in the results. I guess it has alot to do with wht you are more comfortable with.

Anyways. Good idea.!

Andrijan Apostoloski said,
Google FTW. I always loved it. It also has a keyboard on my local Google (Macedonian).

what is FTW? I read alot.