Google to announce how to host your own Google Wave server

TheNextWeb is reporting that Google may be set to announce Google Wave servers for federation later today.

Currently Google has two Wave infrastructures available to those outside the company, the first is the developer preview sandbox which has been available since Google I/O earlier year and the second is the mass consumer preview which was opened up to 100,000 participants in September. Google is expected to allow companies and end users to build and host their own Wave servers. These servers will be able to talk to other Wave servers.

TheNextWeb claims that Google Wave co-founder Lars Rasmussen has confirmed Google plans on opening up the sandbox infrastructure for federation later today. More details are expected to follow shortly.

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Got my Google Wave invite on Saturday. It's really nice but I have no one to try this out with lol. Invited my friends but they don't get an invite immediately. So I guess I'm surfing on my own wave...

You get 20 free invites that will be evaluated before they get it. Other than that... I think this is gonna be revolutionary

Groove is just what Microsoft is trying hard to catch up on collaboration tool that IBM/Lotus has lead in more than a decade.....

Groove is such a hungry-ghost.....

corrosive23 said,
So far wave sucks. Its slow, its buggy, a lot of features just don't want to work, etc....

That's why they call it a test group.

corrosive23 said,
So far wave sucks. Its slow, its buggy, a lot of features just don't want to work, etc....

its a beta, google makes amazing stuff, this wont disappoint in the end

First of all, Wave is going to be the perfect tool for business. It serves as email, chat, forum, etc. The fact that its one application rather than many is awesome. Plus the fact that it doesn't require an installation is another plus for enterprises. One of the most annoying costs of IT infrastructure is the upgrade costs that are forced on companies every few years. Cloud computing such as Googles suite of online applications and Wave are going to be the future of business. There is no way about it. Even MS has started creating their own versions of cloud computing software. computing doesnt solve all the purpose..
business run lot of complex workflow..where MS approach is fine because its desktop < - > web...not a web < - > web

Ironically Google invited me to Wave on my birthday and I don't think its a coincidence cause they know everything. It really is pretty awesome and it will definitely have a big effect on the web.

This reminds me of the episode of Southpark where Cartman buys a failing amusement park for 1 million dollars, and won't let anyone else in.

... and then everyone wants to use it.

If it was flat out released in one day it would have problems and be called buggy, this way generally only tech savvy users play on it (who tolerate a couple of bugs). It stays in the news for much longer - and then later on they have an official launch for even more news and by then its so hyped up for generally use everyone wants a go. - Its pretty much the same model as Gmail was.

This would be the big thing for my company.

We like trying out the latest and greatest, but everything hosted "online" in a cloud or dedicated server is off-limits to us. We have to host everything in-house.
Partially due to trust issues, and partially because of HIPAA.

If we can host our own Google Wave server, then we would be more likely to use it, even if it costs a fee.

This could be fantastic news, since microsoft Groove doesnt truly support networked data storage.
Ive not looked at Wave or have an invite yet, but can this integrate with data etc?

"Microsoft Office Groove, soon to be named Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace, is a desktop application designed for document collaboration in teams with members who are regularly off-line or who do not share the same network security clearance." Thanks Wiki

Groove basically allows you to create a central project area on your PC, which you'll share with others.
Any documents that get added/updated will send notifications to the users you share/invite that project to.
It also allows you to send emails/messages/notes which remain inside that project area, which everyone gets notified about.

The only downside is... it wont work with networked data (i,e on a server) and it wont keep the physical data updated, i.e you add a project which is already stored on your windows server, you add a file to the new project workspace in groove and its not copied to the server... it only remains virtually.

I really cant see why they havent aimed this at businesses with networked data, it would make an amazing project.

I just hope Wave has better considerations for the collaboration side of things.