Google to launch Powerpoint Clone

Google is working on a Web-based Powerpoint clone to complement its Docs & Spreadsheets application, according to files accidentaly discovered by Alex at the Google Operating System blog. The information in the files refers to an application called "Presently" -- apparently a reference to Docs and Spareashsheets' original name -- that can convert documents into online slideshows.

The files have since been modified by Google to remove reference to the term "Presently," but a screenshot remains. By launching an online slideshow app, Google completes its office suite and moves closer into competition with products like Zoho, ThinkFree and of course Microsoft Office Live.

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News source: eWeek

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does this really matter? google search is VERY common but mainstream things such as AIM:Google Talk YAHOO/MSN/ETC:GMAIL alot of things dont work as they would if people weren't in ruts of things that were the only options years ago. sure i would use it, but would others?

No thanks, I think Microsoft is doing an excellent job with their office 2007 software- google will be playing catch up for a long time.

Excellent... I'm still waiting for the full Google web-office and GoogleOS. Competition is what helps drive our industry.

guylaroche said,
Interesting.... Not that I'll ever use it. I prefer my desktop-application, thank you.

Me too..i will stick with my Office 2007...
Think if one wants to type a resume..should he need to go online to google writely & then type there (without all the superb office 2007) features...and save it again into .doc format lol...rather, its simple to open word & do the work needed...