Google to potentially launch new music service very soon

Google's a big player in the realm of the Internet; it runs the biggest search engine on the planet, as well as being an email provider and even a developer of a mobile operating system. Now, the company is rumored to be launching a music service, perhaps very soon.

The hints have come from TechCrunch, who, according to information from their sources, believe that the new service will be named Google Audio. It will be partnered with the usual line-up of major record labels, and will obviously be intended to go head to head with the current big players in the industry, such as Amazon and Apple's iTunes. TechCrunch is also quick to point out that the service will differ greatly from the one that Google previously offered in China, which allowed free searching and downloading of music (though it was only available in China, of course).

The service will be available "at least in the U.S.," but it's apparently unclear whether it'll be a streaming-based service or if it will allow downloads of songs. We'll be sure to follow information as it comes in, as this'll be fairly major news for those who regularly buy songs.

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If Google really wanted to revolutionize the industry, it would offer artists a way to cut out the middleman that is the RIAA and give artists an alternative way of marketing themselves and securing funding for their recording costs.

The future of music is one without the RIAA ripping off both consumers and artists.

If they allow DRM-free music downloads and aim to compete with iTunes and Amazon, then I'm game. Competition is always good and the future looks bright for DRM-free music purchases. Thank god the industry is finally overcoming the hurdle. This frees the user to not be bound to a specific software package, online store, and PMP. Before if I wanted to buy off iTunes I essentially locked myself into Apple products. Now I'm free to choose. :)

This one guy at work still insists on pirating music. I think its ridiculous. He makes a healthy salary. Albums cost $6-$9, music has never been cheaper to buy in a legal way. People who are still pirating music are really out of excuses and are dishonest cheapskates.

The google audio will proberly be streaming songs as well as downloading, they already have the service in china accorinding to this site HERE

birdie-87 said,
Whats next? Google getting into doing toilet seats? They doing way to much as of lately

Unless there's a computer in the toilet seat, I'd say not. :P

birdie-87 said,
Whats next? Google getting into doing toilet seats? They doing way to much as of lately

This is what companies do, whether Microsoft, Google, Apple, HP, Dell, etc...

Big companies have lots of money, and they can either invest in new markets, or give it back to share holders.

With google's vast database, they at least need a tool that will fix all your titles, tags, and album art. Some of my ripped CDs always get cahnged by iTunes or Zune, I dont get it....

Ansuza said,
Funny, I can remember a time when people thought Microsoft was trying to control the world...

Microsoft is still trying to control the world, they just aren't very good at it at the moment. They still control a great deal of it with their monopoly on OS, Office suites. Somehow people are starting to wake up to the fact that there are other good applications out there.

is there a sound-based search service like SongID, but recognize off-tune hums (because i couldn't remember the song title)?

Useless if it's confined to USA only...
90% of the rest of the planet listens to music too.
It's in googles interest (as data miners, and exploiters/sellers of new data created from our mined data) to get this music service out to ALL the world. More users = more data = more profit for Google.

PS: Google = Skynet

dead.cell said,
Um, okay, but can they do one thing at a time first? Jesus...

No, it is all or nothing. They have to cover every single person in the world, or don't even bother trying.

Lets not mention that every single service in the world starts out in one country, lets just ignore reality for a little while.

More stuff to profile. Funny when you look at say Picasa which doesn't really lend itself to ads they are really stingy on space.