Google to remove image from Google Maps that shows a murder investigation

Over the years, Google's attempt to photograph and map the entire world has resulted in some rather odd images being posted. Most of those images have remained for anyone to check out. However, the company has now agreed to quickly remove and replace a satellite photo in Google Maps that inadvertently showed a picture of a murder investigation.

According to KTVU, the image shows the scene where 14-year-old Kevin Barrera was found shot to death near some railway tracks in Richmond, California in 2009, along with police officers who were investigating the crime. The victim's father, Jose Barrera, says he found out about the Google Maps photo last week and has asked Google to take down the image.

In a statement sent to KTVU, Brian McClendon, the vice president of Google Maps, stated that the company has agreed to remove and replace the picture within the next eight days. He said:

Our hearts go out to the family of this young boy. Since the media first contacted us about the image, we’ve been looking at different technical solutions. Google has never accelerated the replacement of updated satellite imagery from our maps before, but given the circumstances we wanted to make an exception in this case.

There's no word on why this image is only just now coming to light. It's also unclear when the photo was first uploaded and published on Google Maps.

Source: KTVU | Google Maps image via Shutterstock

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well, that was a boring picture. You can't even tell what they're doing, the pigs could be having a coffee and donut party instead of doing actual work.

Seems pretty straight forward, google complied with requests to have images of bases removed, and this being a crime scene.......

Murders have been solved with less. The young man's case is unsolved, so I think it's a shame they are taking this image down. The more eyes on that photograph, or any crime scene, the better.

"While the whole ordeal has dredged up the pain from four years ago, Barrera hopes the publicity spurs new interest in his son's unsolved murder.

“Maybe police gonna do something more to close the case,” said Barrera. “I want to use this to tell them, don't forget my son.”

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Caleo said,
A picture of a dead child on the internet serves little good but to cause distress for the parents.

Dead people once found in a crime investigation are covered.