Google Translate extends into other Google services

Google's Translate service isn't just for translating text or websites anymore. It's starting to extend into other Google services like Gmail and Google Friend Connect comment translation.

In Gmail, there's now a link on the top of the message that lets you translate it to whatever language the user has their Gmail set to. You can also set it to translate to any language of your choice. Both the subject and body are translated, while the original message is maintained. You can switch back to the original message by hitting the translate link again. For those who ever wondered what those e-mail that are in a foreign language say, this tool can be very useful. However, even though the message may have been translated, it doesn't stay translated. You'll have to re-translate every time you're viewing that message again, which can be an annoyance to the end user.

In the case of Google Friend Connect's comment translate feature, all comments, even if they're in different languages, are translated into one language. This tool can be handy for those who wonder what those comments that are in a foreign language say.

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Quite annoying that it translates the Dutch word that means Sir/Mr (meneer) to the French President (monsieur le président)

Only partially works in Slovak. Unfortunately, it is so unreliable, that I would not recommend using it for translations into English. More than half the time the Slovak translations are seriously wrong.