Google Trends: Xbox 720 searches beating Playstation 4

Microsoft has not made any official announcements about its successor to the Xbox 360 game console, but there are certainly plenty of Internet rumors on that front. Indeed, the next to the last print issue of the UK-based Xbox World magazine claimed to have the 411 on what will be inside the "Xbox 720".

Sony is also being secretive about its plans for the next Playstation console, although recent rumors suggested that some game developers have gotten their hands on hardware SDKs for the "Playstation 4." It's expected that at least one, and perhaps both, consoles could launch before the end of 2013.

If that happens, then Microsoft's Xbox team might come out on top. As Ludos Mundi points out, one only needs to go to the Google Trends website to find out how much search interest there has been in "Xbox 720" and "Playstation 4"in the last 11 months.

Comparing the two terms worldwide, Google Trends says that 60 percent of people search for "Xbox 720", compared to 40 percent for "Playstation 4". In the US, "Xbox 720" has a 66 percent search result on Google Trends, compared to 33 percent for "Playstation 4".

It is still way too early to call a winner in the next generation console battle, especially since two of the three players have yet to reveal anything. However, it would appear that consumers have a lot more interest in the next Xbox than in the next Playstation which gives Microsoft a big heads up on Sony.

Source: Ludos Mundi | Image via Future Publishing

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tomasse said,
this is the kind of post, that is made to attract fanboys and trolls!
lets grab the popcorn and watch!

I agree this will not end good lol

Which ever system hast Kingdom Hearts 3 gets my vote... I'm not a hardware/brand fanboy, I'm a content fanboy

Izlude said,
Which ever system hast Kingdom Hearts 3 gets my vote... I'm not a hardware/brand fanboy, I'm a content fanboy

I wish they'd remaster the older Kingdom Hearts for the PS3 in the meantime.

As someone who is neutral, I buy as many of the current gen consoles as I can then stick to the one that I prefer, I look at fanboy wars with disdain. This gen I chose Xbox 360, Xbox Live offers a better online gaming experience, certainly worth the £30/$50 p/a to use it. This article shows which next gen device is most searched, but a 60/40 split isn't that big. Also Xbox had has far more news coverage, in regards to leaks & the eBay item that purported to be the Xbox 720 dev kit. I imagine if you try & factor in these things, you might get a closer percentage. Does this interesting fact mean anything, well in regards to tech, out of other competitive products like HD-DVD & Blu-Ray or IPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3, the most searched item also became the winner of the race. Though to be fair the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray was a no brainer, there was only going to be one winner. Basically I agree with Bviktor, as it stands its just "fun facts", we won't know who might win the Xbox 720 vs PS4 race for maybe another couple of years. Also remember that the current gen battle between Sony & Microsoft was being won by Sony till a couple of years ago when Xbox caught up & overtook the PS3, coincidently around the time that PSN security was being shown up by any pubescent teen boy who had a laptop & Internet access. Though my sneaking suspicion is that the Xbox 720 might win, as Microsoft can invest more money in to IPs & exclusive content, where Sony has hit hard times. Though that could've been said about Nintendo till they released the Wii & the DS which blew everything out if the water this gen.

I can't wait for MS to announce the next xbox name and have it not be 720.... gawd what a stupid name for people to come up with.... lets take 360 and multiply it by two... makes sense right?.......

360 made sense since it was a revolution, hence the logo animation graphics and commerical spiral graphics.... 720 just makes no sense

nobody seriously thinks that's what its called, its just a placeholder for now until we know the real name. Honestly did you expect people to call it the xbox 3? We don't have a name for it right now, but we have to call it something, and 720 is a logical choice for now.

Did they count the search term 'PS4' as well? I hardly ever call it PlayStation and certainly not in written form either; it's always PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 etc.

Skittlebrau said,
Did they count the search term 'PS4' as well? I hardly ever call it PlayStation and certainly not in written form either; it's always PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 etc.

I believe the term 'PlayStation 4' is used in more in searches than 'PS4', otherwise the latter would have been used for comparison. I do believe also that the next-gen XBox has been called other names than 'XBox 720'. It's very likely then the comparison is between the names both next-gen consoles have been called.
I'm not a fanboy of either. In fact, I play PC games.


It does not determine the future of gaming, nor does the article indicate that.

It does indicate which console will dominate though, and it isn't far fetched to say the next xbox will... this just supports it. If something has more interest - shown on the most used search engine, it will sell better.

Hell, take a look at the iphone searches VS lumia 920 searches - does it reveal truth? of course.
But it does not truly represent which device is better, just which one will sell more.

I sure hope it's not going to be called that. Makes it sound like it's only a 720p device.
Sure can't wait though, I'd imagine it'll be quite phenomenal.

Edit: this ludos-mundi site pulls this 'Fetching of original content failed with the following error: Proxy Publisher Failure CONNECTION_ERROR. If you own this domain, please consult this FAQ'

Lets hope SONY pulls an ace out for this next round, else the future of gaming is looking very murky indeed. One less serious competitor (if sony sinks) won't do us any favours IMO.

if you thin k this is impressive, News flash, more people google search for porn than both combined. what a pointless article

Didnt someone already say the next MS console was called the "Xbox Next"? Whoever came up with the whole "720" name should be castrated and shot... I mean before the xbox 360 came out, wasnt it just called the "Xbox 2"?

As for Sony, lets just stick with the PS4 name, who came up with the name for the PS Vita?

Sony can't use the number 4 in Japan at least because 4 means "Shi" which means Death.
Besides it gets old to call it with a number...

PS4, PS5, PS6, PS7, etc...

They might call the Xbox 1080 because it can do 1080p native. ;-p

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