Google unveils dedicated dictionary site

One part of Google's search engine that many use quite regularly is the define:term aspect. This, as you can see, will define the term entered for the user. Now, Google's extended this by creating a dedicated dictionary portion of their site, compatible with a range of languages.

According to the LA Times, this new dictionary service pulls descriptions of words from a number of places, and even provides definitions from Wikipedia. This adds to Google's own database of word definitions, which is perfectly capable just by itself. As Mashable notes, the service has 28 different languages listed, which include English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, and even Dutch, just to name a portion of them. This new site will be bad news for, as previously, words defined by Google linked to the appropriate page on that site. Now, those links have been removed, and Google's service is now in its place.

If you'd like to give this a whirl, head to the Dictionary page and try some terms. You can even search for Google, which provides some ways to use the term 'Googling', such as, "He googled the woman he had met at the party," or, "My children are googling all day."

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I googled my way out of Neowin. This is great. Now I don't have to use other on-line dictionary sites that seem like not wanting to give out the definition.

I'll still use define:term anyway. Would be nice to add a link to the Dictionary result on the define: results page.

Its no good...What about the Klingons? They don't get a dictionary from Google too?
I usually go to for my spelling needs, easier to type in, but worth checking out

Yup been there for quite some time now, at least since Dec 2008. Funny how it is "new" the moment the media starts circulating the news. :-)

tuxplorer said,
Yup been there for quite some time now, at least since Dec 2008. Funny how it is "new" the moment the media starts circulating the news. :-)

actually for at least 3 years already

I'm sure this will hurt Answers... Another step towards world domination. LOL

I'll give this a try, but I usually use

very cool...anybody know how to query in the search bar on top so the result would show up in google dictionary? i'm really habitual of typing "define:<word>"

I guess they are using this for their spell checker in Gmail and Chrome. Just makes me wonder why they don't yet recognize the spelling of "Quran".

that is really great. Oh i dont have to install dictionary in my blackberry and worry about updating it. i can use it on the go.