Google video series: The making of Nexus One

On the official GoogleNexusOne YouTube channel, Google has begun putting up a series of short films showcasing the making of the company's first self-branded phone, the Nexus One. The series, dubbed "The Story," will consist of five parts. The first video has already been posted.

Here's what Google is sharing with the world:

  1. Concept & Design
  2. Display & 3D Framework - coming today
  3. Testing - coming 2/6
  4. Manufacturing - coming 2/7
  5. Nexus One: Day One - coming 2/8

It's very unlike a company to go out of their way to give a behind the scenes look at one of their products. Then again, Google isn't just any company. The first video in the series goes into the design process of the phone (hardware and software) and is narrated by Android Project Manager, Erick Tseng, HTC Project Manager, Tomasz Hasinki, and Lloyd Watts.

Below is the first part in the series. The second video currently has a picture placeholder, but is not yet playable. Keep checking the YouTube channel over the next few days to see the rest of the goods.

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That video is sooo painful. Its a whole lot of airy/fairy statements that say nothing.

There is no new innovations mentioned either, all old stuff that's been around a long time. And what is all the focus of hardware/software marriage nonsense?. Come on google, you can do way better than this.

Certainly makes you wonder, if they can't excite you with the ad, is the phone itself any better?