Google Voice now open to everyone in the U.S.

Google Voice

Google Voice has officially been opened to the public. Announced on the Official Google Blog, Google is making their easy-to-use phone number management system available to anyone who desires its goodness.

Opened in beta form a little over a year ago, Google Voice gives users complete control over their phone number. The service, which was known as GrandCentral, prior to being acquired by Google, allows users to manage their phones, voicemail, SMS messages, and more, all through the Google Voice website or application. The Google Voice app is available for various mobile platforms. The Android version, however, is the easiest to set up and provides the best overall integration. With this control, a user can decide what happens when a specific person calls, block callers, manage transcribed voicemails, record calls, call international numbers at cheap rates, and so much more. By using a single number to encase all of one's phones, a person will never have to worry about changing his or her phone number again.

Available at, residents of the United States can now take advantage of Google Voice and the control it has to offer. Invites were previously only available from other Google Voice users or by signing up and waiting for Google to invite you directly. Now, everyone can use it. If you feel uneasy about getting a new phone number from Google, you can always just use the service to manage your current phone number's voicemail. This will allow you to take advantage of the transcription service and access your messages via SMS, email, or thorough the Google Voice website.

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Just signed up. Seems like a good, free service. So far everything was real intuitive to setup.

Not sure how much I will use it, exactly. I think most people will use this as a "spam phone number" much like how you use a "spam email address" when filling out forms.

Really funny... I am Dutch and Google sent me an invitation for this two weeks ago. When I accepted the invitation, the site said 'Sorry, this feature is not available in your country'. So mean

Darrian said,
Hardly available to the entire US when there's not a number available in my area.

And what area is that, sir?

I'm a longtime GMail customer that was *not* one of the Google Voice/ex-Grand Central subscribers, and once I logged in (less than two minutes ago), it gave me a new number (in the same area code!) right away (which I can't do with a mobile/cell phone, as every cell provider, including dominant player VZW, insists on giving me a number with the secondary AC). What did GVoice do right that the cell providers bungle?

alfaaqua said,
Why is this not avaliable on a international scale?

Probably because most countries other than the USA charge for "local" calls.

I use GV to give my number to people who I may not actually want to talk with (car sales men when searching for a new car).

Goes straight to my VM and I can choose to respond or not.

I've waited long to get an invitation, which i received last week, and now it's open for everyone

anyway, I've created a phone number with my name in it (awesome), and can make and receive calls from my cousins in USA for free now, being in europe for the moment

thanks google, great service

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