Google wants your voicemail

As posted on the official Google Voice Blog, in an effort to further improve Google Voice's voicemail transcription capabilities, Google is asking for users' help. Previously, a user could check a box, letting Google know how useful the transcribed message was. Now, when you check one of those boxes, Google will ask if you'd like to donate the voicemail to them in order to help improve the service. This would give Google the rights to listen to, manually transcribe, and use your message to see how accurate their system is performing.

Sometimes, the automated process works very well, but many times it fails to prove even the slightest bit useful. Google says that many variables can influence the quality of transcripts. Background noise, accents, and connection quality are a few of the influencing factors affecting transcription accuracy.

Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral), is a free way to manage all of your phones under a single number. It was launched on March 11, 2009 and currently services over 1.4 million users (as of October 30th). To get an account, you must be sent an invite. Users who already have the service can invite three people aboard, similar to the way Gmail worked in its infancy. To sign up for an invite from Google directly, visit the Google Voice website.

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This would give Google the rights to listen to, manually transcribe, and use your message to see how accurate their system is performing

haha. Wanna a dna sample too?

Google Voice is the bomb!!! Especially if you have an Android phone, the Google Voice app integrates so nicely with it, it's not even funny. And if you decide to use it as your main number, say hello to free SMS (you can easily tell it to always send SMS texts via Google Voice or launch the App and send from there (you get notified either way).

Also, on Android you can tell it to use GV for International calls only (very useful for me) or ask you every time. I use my GV number for my Business primarily - with my Android phone now I have a phone that connects and also separates my personal and business communications flawlessly. Eat that iPhone, CrackBerry or WM!

I love google voice. The fact that it rings my skype, home and mobile phone's simultaneously is great. I also like how I can listen to voice mail as it's happening, just like the old answering machines. The other nice feature is being able to switch between the various phones so I have, so if I'm out on the cell and then get home, I can switch it to my home phone. But the neatest thing about google voice is my ability to have call filters, so I don't even have to be bothered by calls I don't want.

Seventh Son said,
I have a sudden urge to stop using my gmail account.

What for?

This is the second stupid comment I've seen. What does this article have anything to do with you using Google services?

They are asking users for help in making services BETTER.

Xenomorph said,
This is the second stupid comment I've seen. What does this article have anything to do with you using Google services?

They are asking users for help in making services BETTER.

Why thank you, Captain Intelligence. They just trying to have more data about their users. You really think they introduce all those service because they want to make your life better?

s3n4te said,
I don't trust google anymore.

Not sure I ever trusted them lol. Trust is something I give to people that I know. Since companies aren't people and I don't know the managers personally I don't trust any of them.

If you have invites you need to login to your account at, they will be on the left sidebar under the calling credit box. They rolled them out in waves, but I think everyone should have them by now. Sorry, I already passed all of mine out.

As far as the transcriptions, they definitely need some improvement so I am glad that Google is taking steps. Messages from people that speak clearly are pretty good, but when my friends call and talk like you would in a conversation the transcriptions are pretty useless.

Yep. The transcripts needed some work. I had one that they could of probably used. It got most of it right but stuff like the numbers got a bit messed up.

I use it for some misc purposes. I give it to those I don't want to call me or I think might call me (call blocking feature). I also use it on my domain as a contact number.

Halfalive said,
You can't invite some. anyone interested in a Google Voice account can go here.

Oh, I guess that's how I got my invitation. I couldn't remember how I got it. Heh.

ipodman715 said,
I have an "Invite a friend" link on the left side below calling credit.

As do I. So I think it is safe to say you can invite people.

You get 3 invites after you have been a member for a while. Otherwise you get invited in from their queue list when they do another wave.

Atleast Google is asking and not trying to backdoor its way in and just take them.

So, who wants to give me an invite? Puhlease?

I love the fact I can screen calls. I don't know why cell phones don't make it easier to block numbers. Instead, I created a contact called "DNA" for do not answer. That way I don't have to talk to someone, like an ex, if I don't want to. I started giving out my Google number instead, plus the voicemail thing is lovely. You can listen to them on the computer, which is much easier than holding your cell phone to your ear when trying to type or read(although you could use speakerphone but still.) Overall, definitely a wonderful service. Although if it were pay-for, I don't know how much I would be willing to spend on it. Currently, no more than like five dollars a year considering how expensive cellular service is in the US. I wish Google would make a cell service to compete with this large triopoly (don't know the word, but a 3-way monopoly) we have going on in the US.

I agree. It would be trivial for a "block call" cell phone feature, yet we still do not have one.

A few years ago I was getting creepy anonymous SMS messages. I called Verizon Wireless, and my only option was to turn off SMS messaging. They couldn't block anonymous SMS for me.

i agree with the Google cell service...they already the phone software(Andriod) and although I personally have not used it I have read nothing but good things about it. I mean I'b pay for google cell service