Google, Yahoo seek to avoid antitrust suit

Numerous news outlets are reporting that Google and Yahoo are in talks with the U.S. Justice Department in an effort to head off an antitrust challenge to their proposed advertising agreement.

Several advertisers and Microsoft have raised objections to the deal. It is feared that the partnership will limit competition, raise prices and reduce choices in the web advertising industry.

In the agreement Google will supply Yahoo with its own adverts to run alongside web searches.

It is rumored that Microsoft is rallying hard to fight the deal which would significantly dent its own adCenter offerings.

Both Google and Yahoo have agreed to delay implementing the deal until 22nd October to give federal and state antitrust officials time to complete their separate investigations.

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...Google and Yahoo are in talks with the U.S. Justice Department in an effort...

How much "green" is the meaning of this "talks".

Personally, I wished all the major internet services were monopolised by one company. It makes it a lot easier.

I've got so many accounts on about a million different sites. I'm glad for sites that support Microsoft's Live ID.

This is why I hate Microsoft, they monopolize the Internets. /sarcasm

Wake up, people! Google is monopolizing us killing the web slowly. A bit is Google hate is now needed.