Google's Android OS early look SDK now available

Just like the boys promised, the early look software developer kit for Google's soon-to-be huge phone OS has hit the streets... er, internet. Pedal your steam-engine over to the Open Handset Alliance site where you can download the SDK for a variety of platforms. Here's what we know right now: the software is already built to support threaded text messaging, 3G, touchscreens, and 3D graphics -- and from what we can tell, it's as comfortable on larger, VGA devices as well as more traditional smartphone layouts. Oh yeah... and it plays Quake. Below you can see an alternate fullscreen version of the phone up and running its broswer app. Check the video after the break for a real look at Android in action.

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I think it looks brilliant. I tried an iPhone at the weekend.. was very pretty but just not worth the cost AND monthly contract rate. This looks like a fantastic and very expandable alternative. I'll be following its progress closely!

Is this has any new functionality than current nokia n95 or HTC touch? :-) i didnt see anything *new*..

And i think they copied lot from iphone :eek:

That looks like it could be very impressive... I guess this shows all the people complaining that Google were venturing too far away from their core market that they're more sensible than that - this is a very smart idea, and if Android turns out anything like in those demos, this could be very good.