Google's Stock Price Hits New High

Shares of Google jumped to a new high of $559.99 on Friday, a surge which comes on the heels of a few positive analyst reports and news Thursday that co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page landed on the top 10 list of Forbes' richest Americans, tied at No. 5, each with a net worth of $18.5 billion. On Thursday, Robert Peck, the Bear Stearns analyst wrote a report on how Google plans to reach $100 billion in revenue, a goal that Hewlett-Packard expects to achieve just this fiscal year.

Although Peck did not give a time frame for Google to reach the $100 billion goal, he hosted a conference call with another consultant on Thursday and they outlined six important focus areas for Google: searches on mobile devices, online video, publishing, business software applications, its e-payment system that rivals PayPal, and multimedia advertising. According to Peck, reaching the $100 billion goal in revenues will require the search engine giant to meet several challenges, "but stopping the Google juggernaut is not going to be an easy task" for its competitors.

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I'm afraid that google move too much money related with speculative actions, for example youtube can earn some money from ads and in some minor degreed with other services but to share a flash video came from a cost and it's not cheap at all.. even i think that google in fact currently is losing money keeping youtube in the actual state.

May be Google is a new kind of Enron business.

This is true, they do sell advertising. But for once, we users get 'something' back for free. Namely, free hosted domains (google apps), non-adware supported programs, global support and of course, 99.99% uptime through their load balanced datacenters.

If you go the google apps route and upgrade yourself to an enterprise, you can disable the ads for the strange price of $50 per account per year.

Hmmm... on the other hand...

Stock (not just Google) went to the all time high

US $$ went to the all time low

So - looking overall - it is probably a wash... in other words - your US $$ are worth less and that's why the stock went up higher?

I know this is not 100% true, but overall market went "up" as FED cut rates last week (which sent US $ tubling down as cutting the rates shows the FED is ready to have US $$ take the beating).

I just want see, with all this recent news will do to google..

I'm waiting to see if the good company, will keep their promises of privacy and other stuff in the future and won't became a evil company..

Let's wait and see!!

winfx said,


No, Google wants to reach $100 billion, they are not making it yet. I honestly don't know how much money Google makes per year, but I know Microsoft's last fiscal quarter they took in over 50 billion dollars. Microsoft's market cap is 270 billion dollars while Google is worth something like 120 billion, so MS if they wanted could buy Google and still have lots of cash left over to continue run the Company.

According to wikipedia, Googles revenues for 2006 was 10 billion while their net income was 3 billion

Net Income: 14 billion
Operating Income: 18 billion
Revenue: 51 billion

Microsoft makes more and is worth more than Google. Google is on a role though, I don't know how long the momentum will last though especially with them being a web come. It's easier to switch search engines and Yahoo!/Microsoft are beefing up there various services. I still think Microsoft should acquire Facebook while they can. They should have grabbed Flickr, YouTube and Facebook when they were relative unknowns.

i've been following the stock since it was < 200 and kept waiting for some kind of split that never came.

I've never seen why wait for a split before you buy? (unless you can't afford one share)

If they split 2-1, It just means you will buy twice as many shares to get the same amount. - Also after splits occur more people usually invest so it will usually boost the cost of the shares... if anything its better to buy just before a split.