Googlite explains PageRank tweak

Google has confirmed that the recent update to its "visible PageRank" system is an effort to crackdown on sites trying to rig this closely-watched web popularity contest. Over the weekend, Google search engine guru Matt Cutts told Search Engine Journal that the company is intent on punishing web publishers that attempt to sell their PageRank currency to other sites.

A site with a high PageRank can often boost the rank of a less-popular site simply by linking to it. As a result, popular sites will often provide such links in exchange for cash. And Google doesn't like that.

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So, if I sell product, and provide a link to the original manufacturers for further information and support, am I supposed to "nofollow" all those links? Or does Google have any intelligence in realizing what a valid link page is vs. a link farm page?

I thought that they already did this.

Aren't you meant to put linkbacks as "nofollow" or something like that to "prove" that they aren't just there fo cash purposes.

there is a large market for paid small google PR3 site can generate about 3-500 a month for paid backlinking posts....anyone interested can PM and ill show you how

Anyone heard of advertising.. rather like Google Adsense..

Doesnt Google charge money for posting links on their websites so people can click on them? Therefore, shouldn't it punish itself?

So how is a small website suppose to generate any traffic if you can't backlink from popular sites ? Also, how do they know you've paid money to have a link on your site as well and vice versa.

[Edit] Just noticed it's from The Register.