Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Racing to Shelves April 17, 2008

PS3 Racing fans can officially start their engines on April 17, 2008 according to a blog posted tot he Sony official Playstation Blog as that will be the date that the latest in the long running Gran Turismo racing simulation series hits retail with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is the first commercial game in the series to reach the HD generation consoles and there are high expectations from gamers regarding its release. Gran Turismo HD was one of the first live demonstrations shown at the announcement of the Ps3 back in 2006 and the stunning graphics have been making gamers lose control ever since.

Featuring 50 cars and a preview of what the final Gran Turismo 5 title will have in store, this retail Blu-Ray title will also be downloadable via the Playstation Store, both at the discounted price of $40.

[Via Playstation Blog]

News source: Gaming Today

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this is stupid, gtHD, gt5 prologue, gt5, sorry i dont want to pay 40 bucks for whats like an extended demo of a game. theres gonna be a lot of confused people thinking this is the actual game...enough of this bull****, just release one version of a console game, ok? an early demo call GRAN TURISMO 5 DEMO, and the full game later. **** is ridiculous

pure. marketing. genius.

it better have a butt-load of cars. is it just me or has every GT since 2 had less cars? they also screwed up the weight transfer a bit in 4. i think the 3 physics are more realistic.

I'm not sure, GT3 had a huge drop in cars and GT4 I think may have slightly more (700+) then GT2 (600+ wasn't it?) and GT5 aims to have as many as GT4 (off memory, could be wrong).

Also at least despite having to wait longer for the english release of Prologue, we get (a tiny bit) more for our money then the Japanese version. 60 Cars (Japan had 37) and on the Blu-Ray version they are including a behind-the-scenes HD feature (much like GT4P) and there is a "Quick-tune" option as well, but that could be in the Japanese version too not sure? it was mentioned the extra cars maybe released as a download for the Japanese version, so hopefully people with that version won't miss out sounds all great to me, can't wait!!

So let me get this straight, you will pay $40 for a preview of what the final GT5 will be? Will the price of GT5 be reduced?

Also, can we change the PS3 pic on the news article? Its been out long enough to have the proper pic on display.

No, GT5 will be full price. However, I've read that downloadable content and such can be transferred from GT5 Prologue to GT5 (no sure if true though). Glorified demo or not, I'm happy to pay a small price for it.

We'll probally get it around the same time here in Australia, maybe a few weeks difference. I'm a little dissappointed that we have to wait another month though, I was looking forward to getting it in March and it even coincided with the motor show here (in same month). I know I could import it, but I want it in english :P

Oh well, I'm sure some of the exhibitors will have some demo machines running GT5 Prologue (I remember a few years back when GT3 was new, Mazda had a huge video wall setup running replays of GT3 with their cars, rather cool really and Mitsubishi usually have two Evo rally cars rigged up as simulators (running GT, it was GT4 last year))