Grand Theft Auto 4

Good news for all GTA fans.

"...Grand Theft Auto fans won't go long without another fix of wanton violence and pillaging. GTA3 Xbox is a given (with online play?), but we'll also soon hear the details on GTA4. Rockstar's stayin' silent on the subject, but I could name a few hundred thousand fans ready to part with $50 a piece for it. The current talk indicates that DMA will take the GTA3 framework and turn it into a massively multiplayer online game for the four installment, where you're free to create your own mobs and anyone in the city could be a "real" person. Word is it'll also be set in a real U.S. city this time."

News source: Shacknews

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GTA3 is comming out in April

for more details Can't wait for it either