GrandCentral becomes Google Voice

Users of the popular free phone service called GrandCentral, which was bought by Google back in 2007, have finally seen a rebrand change, and is now called Google Voice.

While Google Voice is only open to current GrandCentral users, people can sign up to receive an email for when it becomes openly available. If you are a current user, you will have to "sign into your GrandCentral Account and follow the instructions at the top of the inbox."

Added benefits from GrandCentral include "transcripts, SMS, international calling, and conference calling". The service also allows a very familiar Google Mail interface where all communication would be centered in the inbox, so you can have all of your voice messages, emails, and text messages in one place. In the coming months, the service will tie in with Google Apps.

One of my favorite new features is sharing voicemails.

For a company that continues to grow, I hope the success continues with Google Voice. While I have largely forgotten about my GrandCentral number in the past, I believe I will be using it much more frequently.

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I haven't used my GC# much and was wondering if it would survive. I wonder if they're going to start charging for it?

Embed a voicmail in a website.... this should be interesting. Yea a person left you a message but I dont think they would like to see it on your website for everyone to hear it.

Still waiting for mine to upgrade, really looking forward to what changes this will bring. Of course, I get distracted by shiny objects quite easily.