Greenpeace raises Apple green rating

In April Greenpeace listed Apple at the bottom of its rankings but now the environmental campaign group has bumped the company ahead of Sony, LG Electronics, Panasonic and HP to tenth place on the 14-company Green Electronics Guide ranking. Greenpeace highlighted Apple's policies on PVC and brominated flame retardants (and the pledge to remove the substances from all its products by next year) as principal reasons for the improved assessment. Apple was also congratulated on its goal to recycle 30% of its products by 2010, and the volume yielded by Apple's current recycling practices. The computer maker currently takes in 9.5% of products sold seven years ago.

Apple's ranking in the lower half of the list indicated that there is still much room for improvement. Apple still does not do enough to follow the so-called Precautionary Principle in its environmental policies, according to Greenpeace. The organisation also knocked the principles of Apple's recycling programme, contending that, despite the large amount recycled, the programme does not extend worldwide and fails to provide enough education to customers.

News source: vnunet

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not much of an apple fan, though i do have a nano... but its attempts to improves its green policies is a fantastic thing in my book. good for them.

Not a major fan but any company that improves its policies is a winner, but as stated it still has a long way to go before it can be truly recognised.

It is because at least they have formed a new policy and said they are going to do this, other companies haven't even said this, so you 'reward' them for at least doing that much.
Also, if you publicise what they say they are going to do it puts pressure on the company to actually achieve it - they can't just deny existence.

SniperX said,
It doesn't take much to appease the greenpeace fanatics. Make them feel like they're important and they're happy, as you can tell.

You sir, are wise beyond your years.

I see you've shifted your trolling into high gear, bibuttery . . . .

Apple can lay claim to ZERO viruses infecting OS X since its inception.

Whether Apple denies or confirms them is beside the point. The real fact of the matter is that we have yet to have one of those "security issues" bring down a mac in the wild. As long as issues are dealt with, I really don't care what kind of media spin Apple puts on it. Why should anyone? I don't look for apologies or admission of blame. I could care less. I look for solid, stable, worry-free performance, when it comes to viruses/malware/vulnerabilities. I can't complain so far.

Is this whole iPhone thing irritating you that much? You seem to have been a much more active troll since the iPhone's release. Or has your trolling been so consistent that no one can really tell the difference in degree anymore?

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