Greeting card malware warning

If you receive an email that claims to be a greeting card sent by Hallmark be very wary of opening it.

Security experts are warning of a scam in which a surfer receives an email with the subject line 'You've received A Hallmark E-Card!'. The body text of the message, which contains a spelling error, urges you to open an attachment to see the greeting.

However, the attached file, postcard.exe, is a Notepad file with some random characters inserted into it. This is intended to distract the recipient while malware is installed in the background. Trend Micro, who discovered the scam, said the tactic was not a new one. "This is not the first time malware authors tried to trick users by exploiting their curiosity and desire to receive good tidings via greeting cards: Storm started out much the same way," said Trend Micro's Jowell Lim.

News Source: WebUser

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there are still people who succeed in opening exe attachments from emails they receive from

(OPaul said @ #3)
What makes an executable a Notebook file?.... I don't have Notebook set to open .exe files.

I think what they mean is if opened it will appear to be Notepad with random characters in it, not that Notepad opens it.

All Hallmark e-cards are simply a link back to the Hallmark website, they are NEVER an attachment. But I guess the same people who order "male enhancement" in a pill are the ones opening strange attachments.

Well, If you're clueless enough to open an executable attached to some random email, You deserve what you get, really.