GTA V iFruit app finally launches for (some) Android devices

It has been several weeks since Grand Theft Auto V launched, breaking world records with its sales, and winning the approval of gamers across the world with its engrossing gameplay, wanton destruction and mindless carnage.

One of the many new features of the title was its ‘iFruit’ app, designed to be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can pimp your in-game ride with a suite of vehicle customisation options, and spend some time with Chop the Dog, which could ultimately lead him to find hidden items in the main GTA V game for you.

To the disappointment of many, iFruit was released solely for iOS devices at launch, but Rockstar has confirmed that the app is now available for Android too:

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as clear cut as that. As Engadget noted, many Android devices can’t even see the app in the Google Play store. We had no trouble installing it on a Google Nexus 7, for example, but the app wasn’t available in the store when searching on a Sony Xperia T.

Many of those who have managed to install it on their Android devices have described the experience as buggy. Over 700 users - around 37% of those who reviewed it - have given it just one star, and the list of complaints is considerable. Some claim that they are unable to access the Rockstar Games Social Club through the app; others say that it crashes whenever they try to customize or save vehicles through the Los Santos Customs portion of the app. Many have also condemned it as slow and unresponsive.

If you can locate it on the Google Play store through your Android device, you might want to take note of the size before you install it – at 241MB, you may find that it eats up a sizeable chunk of your remaining storage. 

While Rockstar has promised that a Windows Phone version of the iFruit app is on the way, there’s still no word on when it will arrive. 

Source: Twitter @RockstarGames via Engadget | images via Rockstar

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recursive said,
PC's also come in all shapes and sizes. Didn't stop them from making a game for it before.

That is a terrible comparison. The majority of manufactured PC's throughout the 2 decades carry the same OS along with the same CPU (AMD and Intel).

Android is an entirely different story if you consider the modifications each company (HTC, Samsung, IT'S LINUX) does.

McKay said,
Immensely buggy, whenever I try and choose a car to change the license plate it crashes.

So, basically the same thing that happens to every car I choose in the game?

-=MagMan=- said,
Just another example of fragmentation on the Android platform, and why Dalvik apps suck in comparison to native code...

And then you have devs releasing far more complex and polished apps that work on pretty much every device and all that with astronomically smaller budgets.

Go figure.

I mean, really, wasn't it because iFruit interacts with the AAA console game GTA5 you'd think this was some completely uninteresting amateurish POS.

That's what makes me think they outsourced the whole mobile thing. It would take top notch skills to organize the testing for a game like GTA5, so I don't see how the same people could produce a buggy tiny mobile app.

Given the amount of issues experienced in the game, I think this could wait. I'm in no rush to get the app if it means any dev time is taken away from fixing the online experience.

Will download for my Nexus 4 and see how it goes.

At this point, I'm thinking 'too little too late' I'm getting bored of gta now, the endless waiting for the stimulus package, this app, no doubt others might be too

It still is a great game, though

Thought the same thing....with all it has going for it, I'm getting a little bored of long drives everywhere...but yeah, what's good about it outweighs the bad by far.

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