GTA:SA Sex Scenes Not Such a Big Issue After All

Lawyers who sued Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive are shocked at the lack of people that bought the game and have been offended by the hidden sex scenes, known widely as Hot Coffee.

Any buyer upset by the scenes could have filed a claim under the settlement and shared in a class action ruling. As it turns out, from the millions of copies of the game sold since release in 2004, only 2,676 people claimed for a refund of between $5 and $35, or a sanitized copy of the game.

The company and the plaintiffs both point out that the company has agreed to make a charitable donation of $860,000 as fallout of this.

The $1.3 million in lawyer's fees requested by the 10 law firms that brought the case, in a rare turn of events, far outweighs the sum of monies collected by claimants in the suit.

View: NY Times

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Very rarely do I see justice, but looking at those numbers the plaintiffs are in the hole $440,000. If any of them had actually played the game instead of hopping on a bandwagon to blame a benevolent computer program for their poor parenting and/or ****ty experiences, they may have realized that it really isn't that bad. You have to be 18 to buy the game. Anybody who buys it for anybody below 18 is responsible to make sure that person isn't an idiot who will go and and do that ****. Them blaming companies and ruining the experience for genuine fans are the reason that there are unconvicted murderers, rapists, and other unsavoury characters roaming the streets waiting for their court dates. If stabbing were legal I would stab 2,676 people.

no body cares of it now a days all the people just think it as a game but not reality so kids who are playing this game dont care about so this is my comment.ok bye guys enjoy the game

I think everyone should be looking at the bright side of this whole situation: they're at least saying that they made a mistake and are making a donation to charity. Let's be thankful that at least some people are going to benefit from this madness.

I dont see the big deal about this at all, its not like its hardcore pr0n or something. They dont even show any kind of penatration at all. Hell the guy keeps his cloths on the whole time. If anything I consider this a lap dance than I would sex in a game.

Have people seriously fogotten how much sex material is floating around the internet? As in graphic pictures and videos etc.. which are actual people having sex.. not comptuer generated characters...

Even if it was not rated Mature you think 13 y old Timmy will have an issue opening up a browser and going to a porno website? I would love to bust into court and yell out "get a F*ing life" I hate uneducated people.

So you had to perform a hack to the game to enable this content? Can Rockstar and Take-Two turn around and use the list of people (if they we offened they had to have seen by applying the hack) that file a claim to make a counter-claim later against them in court for violating the EULA/Software Agreement for hacking/modifying the software to enable it?

It's not like the game shipped with the option ACTIVE anyway. For the PC version you needed a hack!

"Give the money back to Rockstar"

exactly! ... cause it's just lawyers trying to screw someone to 'get rich quick' sorta crap.

cause with those low numbers it's pretty obvious 'no one cares' about it and it aint like it was on by default anyways as you have to 'go out of your way' to view the stuff.

thats prob cuz...


who would buy the game thinking its not going to be either rude or offensive in some way... afterall... thats why i got it

I'll even say, somebody. :P

Just because we play GTA, doesn't mean we can't write grammatically correct sentences.