GUI Championships: Overall Icon Package & Wallpaper Winners!

We are in the final stretch of the GUI Championships, an inter-website user interface design contest which brings designers from around the world to compete for cash and prizes. The best "Overall" winners have been announced in the Wallpaper and Icon Package categories.

We saw some great entries this time around, and the judges have made their decisions. These winners were selected from the 10 finalists as picked by user voting a few weeks back. These represent some of the best wallpapers and icon packs in this year's competition.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Overall Wallpaper Winners:

View: Most Original Wallpaper
View: Best Overall Wallpaper (runner-up)
View: Best Overall Wallpaper (third)

Best Overall Icon Package Winners:

View: Best Overall Icon Package Winner
View: Best Overall Icon Package (runner-up)
View: Best Overall Icon Package (third)

Link: GUI Championships home page

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I don't see how any of these winners would be considered "terrible". Even if it's not your "style" some of these icon packs are really great work.

wow those wallpapers freakin suck, why can't they give them to someone that actually has a good wallpaper like koL or something.

^ second that. I've expected something like daily pictures from deviantart, and then I saw this. but "De gestibus non es disputandum"

Erm I don't see best overall wallpaper, only most orginal? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Either way I'm not 100% sure about the competition. Is this about usability or simply originality?

Edit: Just looked through website properly. I personally believe JJ Ying's honourable mention was better than his second place wallpaper

Well, none of them are my thing so I can't really appreciate them all that much but never the less, well done to everyone who won!