GUI Olympics deadlines extended!

Based on popular demand, the judging for the GUI Olympics has been pushed back to May 4th to give skinners more time to put together their skins and themes.

In particular, Winamp and IconPackager events won't begin until the second week of May since those two categories seem to be the areas that authors felt pressed up against the deadline the most.

The GUI Olympics is a inter-website contest sponsored by a host of companies including Neowin, Stardock, nVidia, ATI, Nullsoft and others. The 3 categories for the contest are visual styles (in WindowBlinds format), Icon themes (in IconPackager format), and Winamp 5 (freeform or classic).

All submissions must be new and be exclusive to the GUI Olympics (after the contest is over submissions can be uploaded anywhere). Nearly $20,000 in cash and prizes are being given out to the nearly 20 events involving the 3 categories. Submission can be updated as often as the author wants.

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BTW, the original judging dates ended at the end of April. The contest only began less than a week and a half ago so ANY entries this early is a good sign. How many people reading this has the time to crank out a brand new skin in a week or so?

msstyles is more commonly used here on Neowin but in the outside world WindowBlinds is more popular by far. But like OSUKid7 said, can't have a contest that requires users to crack their uxtheme to use.

But anyway, the idea here is to make sure Winamp and icon themers have time to get their stuff together. It's a very lengthy process to create hundreds of icons or code a Winamp 5 skin.