GUI Olympics: Week 1 Results

The GUI Olympics judging has begun and the results from the first two events (week 1) are now in!

Event #1: Most Minimalistic visual style. This was for the skin that was as tight as possible but still looked cool. The winners are:

1st Place: KewK Screenshot: (screenshot)

2nd Place: Opulence Screenshot: (screenshot)

3rd Place: Mini-OS Screenshot: (Screenshot)

Event #2: Best Power-User visual style. This was for the skin that didn't just look cool but had functionality that would improve your productivity. The winners are:

1st Place: Antares Screenshot: (Screenshot)

2nd Place: Quasar Screenshot: (Screenshot)

3rd Place: FM Screenshot: (Screenshot)

Congratulations to the winners! Next week: Most Creative/Original icon packages, Winamp skin, and most useable visual style and more!

News source: GUI

Neowin is a sponsor of the 2004 GUI Olympics.

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Vector-Cell wasn't entered into the first two events:

It's in the best pseudo-OS and most usable which are upcoming events.

Some of you, btw, need to focus less on the screenshot and more on the skin. Antares, for instance, has a lot of power user features and has sub-styles with less animation. The screenshots are designed to show off the features, they're not typical of what the skin will look like by regular use.

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