Guild Wars going semi-annual

Gamespot is reporting that ArenaNet the development gods of the super successful MMOG Guild Wars will now release new "expansions" every 6 months or so once the release of the upcoming Factions expansion is done. Factions will be released later this month and will be almost exactly one year to the day since the original release of Guild Wars. Each new "expansion" will be a stand-alone game, prior versions are not needed and all will retain the fee-free goodness that is Guild Wars. Of course users who have more than one expansion can have their character roam freely in those new areas and even get some bonuses.

ArenaNet has already started development on the next expansion and Jeff Strain the CEO of ArenaNet said we might see it by the end of the year. No information is available on this expansion obviously, although I'm sure information will be forthcoming shortly thanks to E3 in less than a month now.

Link: Guild Wars Homepage

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